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Best American College Badminton Programs

College is a time to experiment and to find things that you love and enjoy doing. The love of badminton has hit many well known colleges and universities.

Badminton is a niche sport and it is increasingly growing more popular. The top American college programs have the badminton clubs that participate in tournaments and compete against neighbouring colleges. But, who are some of the best American college badminton programs?

First, Purdue University Boilermakers are one of the better college badminton programs in the country. ranked them as #1 in America in men's badminton. This past year in 2008 was a great year for their badminton program. They had several good accomplishments.

Purdue Boilermakers got 1st place in 2008 Intercollegiate Badminton Association (IBA) Great Lakes Regional, 1st place in 2008 American Badminton League (ABL) and 1st place in 2008 Intercollegiate Badminton Association (IBA). One goal of their program is to show how great a game badminton can be and to show that it's not just a so-called typical American backyard game.

Indiana University whom competes against Purdue University is another excellent badminton program. ranked them as #3 in men's college badminton. Their team is a member of several clubs and associations . To illustrate, they are club member of the USA badminton association, member of the midwest badminton association, and member of the Indiana University club sports federation.

Rochester University Yellow Jackets have a very competitive badminton club. Rochester University has their own badminton tournament each year called the Rochester Open. The Rochester Open has over 120 contestants, 271 matches played, and 32 trophies awarded. It is one of the better college badminton tournaments. Their program is ranked #4 by in men's badminton.

They are also a part of Intercollegiate Badminton Association (IBA) northeast region. Their normal opponents include Buffalo University, Syracuse University and Ithaca College. Next, Yale University Bulldogs and Chicago University Maroons both have competitive badminton programs. Yale is ranked #2 and Chicago University is ranked #5 by Both of the schools regularly compete in matches and tournaments with nearby schools.

New York University Violets have a good badminton program as well. They are ranked #5 in men's college badminton according to They are currently #1 ranked men's badminton program in the Northeast division in the IBA in the 2008-2009 school year. Their current record in the association is 4-0.

They are also involved in a co-ed Intercollegiate Badminton League (IBL) along with Princeton, Yale, and Columbia University. In addition, their program likes to honor their best player each year with the Most Valuable Award (MVP) award. The 2007-08 MVP from their team was Kun-ta Wu who plays badminton with good enthusiasm and dedication.

There are many other upcoming collegiate badminton programs in America as well. These programs show that many young people in America enjoy badminton and will continue the long tradition of playing the sport. Maybe one day badminton will eventually rival sports like tennis and basketball in popularity on college campuses in America.

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