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Bolton Badminton Makes History

A local badminton team in Bolton created some local history when they completed their season campaign with an unbeaten record in a final day shoot-out which saw them narrowly beat another team to this achievement.

DL Farnworth A were the team who clinched the glory and wrote their name in the record books after their unbeaten season in the Bolton Badminton League C Section.

DL Farnworth A's final match of the season climaxed with 18-0 and 15-3 triumphs over Westhoughton C and Kawkshaw D to guarantee their place in next seasons Bolton Badminton League B. The emphatic levels of their victory were indicative of the teams triumphant season and if they maintain the form they have shown consistently this year they are likely to be a creditable addition to the Bolton Badminton League B.

Going into the final match-ups of the season there were two teams who had picked up maximum points from the season in their respective leagues but just when it seemed as though two teams were about to make history, Oakgate lost 7-11 to promotion rivals Markland Hill F at the Heaton Club. Although there is a definite air of disappointment for Oakgate at being so close to achieving such a fantastic achievement but this was slightly tempered by the fact the team managed to clinch promotion and the Section cup as well.

The opportunity to write the teams name in the annals of history is something but at the start of the season the main aim is to clinch promotion or win some silver wear and it's hard to belittle the merits of the Oakgate season.

The overall party atmosphere for DL Farnsworth may continue as the C team is currently leading the Bolton Badminton E section as even if they narrowly miss out on that league table, they look to be a strong bet to clinch an automatic promotion place.

Things are not so automatically rosy for other teams in the area but an intriguing aspect could be taking place in next year's Bolton Badminton League D as Moorside could have a number of teams competing in the league. Their B team has ended in the relegation places in League C and the Moorside C and D teams currently placed second and third in the E League, there is every chance that there could be some intriguing same team battles in the region.

The top league in the region has also witnessed some exciting same team battles which has been shown by the fact that Markland Hill have captured the first and second place in the table.

With regional leagues up and down the length of the country nearing their climax, it's certainly an interesting time for local area badminton and if the Bolton leagues are anything to go by, local badminton fans in the UK are sure to witness some more exciting and thrilling matches before the season comes to an end.

The national teams usually get all the press and praise when it comes to the focus on badminton but the Bolton leagues and the record book achievements of DL Farnworth A has shown there is plenty of fun to be gained from all levels of badminton.

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