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Brunei on Alert for Fake Goods

The world's leading manufacturer of badminton equipment and accessories has warned consumers against falling for fake goods in Brunei.

Yonex distributor Sunrise is alerting consumers on how to spot products that are not made by the company but made to look as if they are by unscrupulous vendors.

KH Chia, regional marketing manager of Sunrise, said the company is constantly battling against those who sell fake Yonex goods.

He was quoted in the Brunei media as saying: "We are the agent for Yonex badminton products in the region and our main competitors are imitation racquets, not from other brands."

The company recently had a roadshow in the Sultanate during which time they showed the public how to spot the differences between real Yonex products and fakes.

Chia said that those who produce imitation racquets and shuttlecocks are so good that it is hard to distinguish between the two.

This has made it difficult for Brunei badminton enthusiasts, of which there are plenty, to buy genuine products.

They can spend a good sum of money buying what they think is the real equipment but actually end up with the fake goods.

Chia said sales have been affected because the imitators follow almost exactly the same designs and colours as the real things. The fake products can cost up to 20 per cent less than the real Yonex equipment.

Said Chia: "There have been some cases whereby shops have been selling the imitations at the same prices as the originals to deceive buyers."

"We have made posters that show the differences of original and imitation products for our customers.

"The government can further support the Intellectual Property Rights holders with tougher regulations."

He advised consumers to take a good look at the product before buying the merchandise. The best way to differentiate between imitation and genuine was the holograms, he said.

"The original Yonex racquets have holograms for proof of authenticity, as well as a warranty against manufacturing flaws and defects," said Chia.

In addition, the printing quality on fake shoes or racquets is distinctly inferior that what is found on the genuine goods.

When it comes to buying shuttlecocks, he said to look for the container that is taller because the imitation on is smaller. Also, the real container is bright blue as opposed to the imitation white.

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