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Burns Night with a Badminton Twist

One of the things that Scotland is most famous for is the poetry and writings of Rabbie Burns and each year, the country celebrates him on January 25th as Burns Night features events where haggis is the food of choice and many toasts are granted to the Ayrshire romantic.

Scottish badminton may not be as well known throughout the world as the works of Burns but in 2008, there was a crossover of the two as David Forbes continued his tour of the Orkney Island promoting the sport and the Orkney Island Council.

No real Burns Night event would be complete with a ceilidh, a form of Scottish dance, and Forbes found himself dancing for most of the night at the evening that signified the end of a week of badminton coaching and induction sessions and it seems as though he felt the week was a great success. "I was very well looked after with the badminton authorities on the island putting a lot of work into setting up the events which made my job easier and all the more enjoyable" remarked Forbes, no doubt after getting his breath back after a few dances.

The tours activities focused on fun activities to introduce badminton to many youngsters and show that it is a fun and enjoyable sport. For those aware of the game, the basics of the sport were shown and it also doubled as an intense coaching session for those players based in the Highland who have shown some talent and skill in the game already with Forbes remarking, "There are some strong players who should benefit from the coaching work being done which should map through to greater playing ability."

The tour formed part of the ongoing attempts to increase awareness of Badminton throughout the country and help develop the sports positioning in the cultural environment.

The tour isn't only geared at finding new talent and encouraging youngsters to take up the sport, a large part of the touring remit is to offer advice and assistance to the many coaches who participate in the game to ensure that the best information and techniques are being passed onto the up and coming generation of badminton players.

The benefits to the coaching and teaching staff was highlighted by the remarks of Helen Kileen, the business manager of Glaitness School in Kirkwall, who said "This course was ideal for someone like me who is not a regular badminton player but is involved in leading the children in the sport. David was enthusiastic and kept things challenging. The course was fun and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone involved as a parent or school helper."

With over 200 people participating in the five days of the tour, there was a sense of a proper breakthrough being made and hopefully the future for Scottish Badminton will benefit from the teachings and advice that has been given over recent weeks.

Badminton Scotland's Development Manager Russell Hogg stated "It is important that we build as many partnerships as possible with organisations at all levels to develop the sport. We are hoping to hold badminton carnivals and coaching events during the year ahead at various locations across Scotland."

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