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BWF Has High Hopes for Cancelled Super Series Grand Final

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is confident it will be able to stage the Super Series Grand Final that was cancelled last year because of financial problems, secretary general Stuart Borrie said.

BWF last year launched its inaugural Super Series calendar, which it said would revolutionise international badminton with players able to earn more money and the sport taking on a higher profile.

However, its plans descended into a farce when the Grand Final, equivalent to tennis' year-ending Masters, was cancelled because host country Qatar was unable to find a sponsor.

Borrie said the world governing body has not given up.

"We think this is a good concept and we are disappointed that it wasn't held last year but we hope that we can make up for it this year," said Borrie.

"We are working on a number of things and we hope it will work."

Borrie, however, said nothing would be announced until after the Olympic Games in Beijing this summer.

"For the players, this is an important year because of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Their minds are focused on nothing else because it does not happen every year," he said.

"So, we want to wait until after the Olympics before we make any moves on the Grand Final."

However, having a Grand Final after the Olympics would result in two major year-ending tournaments within the space of a few months.

BWF must also fit in the 2008 Grand Final to this season. Borrie said BWF has yet to work out the logistics of such a situation.

He said there is a possibility of having one tournament for both events - possibly a kinder way of saying that hopes for the 2007 Grand Final has effectively ended.

But the BWF's problems may not stop there. A look at the official calendar for the 2008 season reveals that no date has been fixed for the 2008 Grand Final.

In other words, BWF has neither a venue nor sponsor for season-ending tournament for 2008. If it remains that way, that would be two years in a row that a major event has had to be cancelled, which would adversely affect the Super Series' credibility.

Borrie, who joined BWF in January 2008, maintained that not all is lost and that the body would be in a position to make a significant announcement after the Beijing Games.

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