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Cai Yun / Fu Hai Feng 2 vs 3

China badminton team continues their training in Beijing. Due to most players being in Korea for the Asia Championship, the stadium is very empty.

Most of the space have been used by team 2. But you still can hear their strong cheering from the training.

Xie Xin Fang, Wang Yihan, Wang Lin, etc went to the Asia Championship. They were absent from the training but Lin Dan and Chen Jin stayed for it. Training on that day seems to be light and easy.

Players status consider as good. Lin Dan listens to music during rest time, while Chen Jin does some net practice with team mate.

Chen Jin had been listed as top-seed in Asia Championship. There is a lot of questions raised on his absence. After the training, Chen Jin explains: "I am carrying an injury at my waist after the All England Open. And I must give up on Asia Championship to make sure I can participate in Sudirman Cup."

It's weirder on China Bao Chun Lai, that he follows the team to Korea for Asia Championship and is sitting on the 4th seed. Men single's coach did not explain on Boa's decision.

China top Men Doubles Cai Yun / Fu Hai Feng also didn't attend the Asia Championship. They stayed for more training to prepare for the next Sudirman Cup.

In training they find 3 players from team 2 as opponent, play as 2 vs 3. Cai Yun have a perfect match with Fu Hai Feng, but when they have to face 1 more player they have to face 1 more defend. Most of their smash does not score. At last they lose 2 rounds.

Head coach Li Yong Bo's son Li Gen appeared on the court. Men Doubles head coach Yu Yang trained Li Gen how to smash at the net teaching and correcting his movement. As a doubles player, jump smash became a habit of Li Gen, whenever he smash he will jump even in front of the net. But after the coach correction, he master the correct technique quickly.

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