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Cann Suffers Defeat at the European Circuit Finals

She may have shown sparkling form throughout the year but no matter what happens in the rest of 2008; Elizabeth Cann will likely have some regrets about the way her year has panned out.

Not making the Olympic squad has been balanced by winning a whole raft of tournaments but the European Circuit Finals was supposed to be her crowning moment. Selectively choosing her tournaments to gain qualification points and then winning the vast majority of every time she played looked to have set Cann up to clinch the big cash prize but her hopes of European glory faltered at the semi final stage.

With the tournament only open to the top four ranked players in each event, Cann was in the mix with Juliane Schenk from Germany, Katie Tolmoff from Estonia and Olga Konon from Belarus. Schenk was the highest ranked player at the event whilst Tolmoff and Konon both lie around the 40s with regards to world ranking.

Cann had already secured victories over all potential opponents this sporting season so no doubt her confidence would have been high entering this event. The funny thing about confidence though is that it can disappear as quickly as it first arrives.

The draw for the event saw Cann facing Katie Tolmoff for the right to play in the final. The last match between the pair saw Cann triumph but that proved to be no indication of what lay in store. The first set of the match saw Tolmoff convincingly win by a margin of 21-11, which placed Cann under immense pressure to turn it around in the following match and to salvage her participation in the tournament.

Cann was unable to do this and lost the second set by a larger margin, 21-10 being the final result. Tolmoff was fully deserving of her convincing victory and if it was unexpected before the game, it was a fair reflection on the balance of play.

The other semi final went true to form as Juliane Schenk defeated her Belarus rival in straight sets. This leaves both Schenk and Tolmoff fighting for the $5,000 prize that is awarded to the winner. It is not a bad return for winning two badminton matches but the hard work is put in throughout the yearn qualification as opposed to just the main event itself. Cann, no doubt bitterly upset at her performance will have to console herself with the cheque for $1,750 which was presented to the losing semi finalists.

The earlier part of Cann's season may have been blighted by injuries and she may have been unable to play as often as she would have liked but it is still a year that has been filled with many great memories and exciting ties for the young English star.

Missing out on the European Circuit Finals may not have been what Cann was hoping for this weekend but being one of only four Ladies singles players to be invited to the tournament should be the fact that she remembers most from the first half of 2008.

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