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For any serious player of badminton, Carlton badminton rackets are one of the most desired rackets in the world.

Carlton is a British company which claims to make rackets for the demanding players - players who demand more both from themselves, from the game of badminton and the equipment that they play with. Understandably, it is to Carlton badminton rackets that they turn to when they need that crucial winning edge.

One of the distinguishing features of this sporting goods company is its research and development department. Arguably, it is one of the best in the world in the sport of badminton.

Their foremost aim has always been to develop the most aerodynamic rackets in the world. Not only this, the scientists at the company make sure that the rackets have a design which ensures a low drag coefficient.

Carlton badminton rackets' latest range furthers their commitment towards the development of the most efficient racket. They have introduced the new AIRBLADE series. This range keeps the badminton racket's classic 'head' shape. This ensures that the player gets an extremely fast racket head speed, ensuring quicker reflexes and better returning speed to the player.

The other racket that is making waves in terms of innovation is the POWER BLADE design. This racket deviates from the classic 'head' shape and in turn features the IsoFrame head shape. As a result, the badminton stroke known as the sweepshot gains a lot of range.

Both these Carlton badminton rackets make use of the Carlton Flex System or CFS. This technology has been developed in-house at the Carlton badminton rackets R & D. This innovation increases the shaft flex of the racket.

This increases the power delivered to the badminton shuttlecock. Thus the return shot gains in force. Also, this strengthens the 'smash' shot as the vibration that is suffered by the arm during such a shot is noticeably lessened through the use of the Carlton Flex System (CFS).

One of the most popular Carlton badminton rackets is the Carlton Airblade Superlite racket. Arguably, it is one of the most advanced rackets available today. It is manufactured out of Hi Modulus Graphite thus reducing the weight of the racket. Also, Carlton claims that this racket features the most aerodynamic head in the racket business. Not only this, the shaft frame profile is also designed to be quite aerodynamic.

The result is that the head speed of the racket increases dramatically, thus delivering an extremely large force for overhead shots. This is also one of the rackets that features the CSF or Carlton Flex System. As a result the flex point of the racket decreases dramatically and thus delivering more power to the racket.

Other models manufactured by Carlton badminton rackets are the Carlton Powerblade Titanium racket, the Carlton Aerogear 900 badminton racket, and the Carlton Powerblade C300 racket. This last racket has an extended head shape at the top of the racket. This increases the length of the racket strings and as a result, the player gets increases power on the off-center shuttlecock hits.

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