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China Badminton Team Trained Happily

14th April, after the Korea Asia Championship, most of the badminton players are preparing for the Sudirman Cup. Due to some players just came back to China the training was light and easy.

On men singles training court there is only one senior player, Lin Dan because Bao Chun Lai just came back from Korea while Chen Jin is still recovering from an injury.

Lin Dan's training seems easy. He practiced on his smashing from the rear court with teammates for only about an hour, he seems relax. Whenever his smash landed outside the line, he laughs while swinging his racquet.

The women singles court was more lively compared to the men singles court. Most of the female players just came back from Korea, so they focus on adjustment training. 7 players have been arranged into 1 court. To balance the player's amount, women singles head coach Zhang Ning also joined in. So 4 players versus 4 players.

On the training, there's full of fun. No matter which sides won or lost a point, someone will stand out to advice and they always burst into laughters. The atmosphere was good.

But Lu Lan was serious. "Even though this is only an adjustment training I have to play well, some more the head coach is behind me." Lu Lan smiled happily after she said so.

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