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Never in the world of sports that one country dominated a particular game so aggressively as Chinese in badminton.

All these years, Chinese badminton players ruled the game so much that other countries have a hard time competing in almost all the major tournaments concerning badminton including the Asian and Olympic games.

To quote a few instances of their superiority in badminton, Chinese badminton players won 4 out of 5 gold medals in Sydney Olympics, during 2000. The Chinese team has also won 4 consecutive Sudirman Cups. Similarly, in the Grand Prix tournament, the China Open, it took all the 5 gold medals in 2001.

The stranglehold of Chinese in badminton stems from their well integrated and spread out talent sourcing and grooming methods. Each and every small locality in china has its own badminton talent pool, from which the more gifted ascend through the ranks supported by the state, proving their mettle in China's national games, thereby earning the honor to represent their country and bringing glory to it and to themselves.

The governing authority of badminton in china, which is an independent legal person, is the Chinese Badminton Association. It was founded in Wuhan, on September 11th, in the year 1958. It is THE legal organization representing China in all the badminton activities there and worldwide.

The Chinese Badminton Association remains as the corporative member of the All China Sports Federation. It has been recognized as a national sports organization by no less than the China Olympic Committee. Needless to say, it also represents China in International Badminton Federation.

There are various committees, 6 to be precise, under the Chinese Badminton Association. They are:

1. Judges & Game Rules Committee
2. Coaches Committee
3. News Department
4. Youth Committee
5. Development Committee
6. Research Department

One reason for the continuing superiority of Chinese badminton is the consistency in training their potential winners and champions. Intensive indoor training is imparted to players, concentrating on their weaknesses, both physical and mental. They aspire to make the player strong and fit, to successfully combat the nuances of international badminton at the highest level.

Another reason is the availability and induction of former legends actively in to the coaching and other talent developing areas of badminton. The young players have the opportunity to fine-tune their skills from the very people they revered on court during their playing days, and this pep up their thirst for success. They try to emulate their illustrative coaches and other training personnel, giving their best tournament after tournament.

Similarly, well-equipped training centers are spread out even in the smallest localities of China. The promising talents are quickly identified and inducted in to the system at a very early age, thereby providing them world class training right from their budding years, maximizing their success later.

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