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Chinese badminton team equipment selection is an important step whereby the professionals and beginners in china are able to play better badminton than the rest of the world on most of the occasions.

Sure enough, they clearly understand that being expensive alone is not the sole criteria for some product entering the Chinese badminton team equipment logo or list, be it shoes, racket, grips or shuttles. The most distinctive item of the Chinese badminton team equipment is the badminton shoe. The traditional Chinese badminton shoes, called Baiky shoes are characterized by thin rubber soles and canvas tops. They provide the best grip and traction on any surface. This translates into sure and improved footwork.

But they are not without their inherent drawbacks. On the flip side, these shoes have poor cushioning causing pain in the feet and ankle. Also they tend to wear out fast though they are cheap to replace.

The Chinese badminton team uses the JinQue badminton series shuttles in practice sessions. The JinQue badminton series products are manufactured by the Guangzhou Doublefish Sports Goods Co. Ltd. and have been approved by the Chinese Badminton Committee for use in national matches. These shuttles have good flight characteristics and are durable.

The Chinese Under-19 national badminton team uses the Kason series of rackets, of which the TSF 86Ti is the latest version. Intelligently, it features a stiff shaft designed for hard-hitting players. The racket is made of graphite enhanced with titanium and has been designed by Tang Xianhu. Incidentally, he is the legendary coach who led the Chinese national team to its present day super power status.

Kason rackets boast of a wider sweet spot, which helps to stabilize even off - center shots. Kason is the official sponsor of the Chinese national youth badminton team. In fact, the emerging stars of Chinese badminton, Lin Dan and Bao Chun Lai have used the Kason series of rackets ever since they learnt the game.

The Chinese national badminton team players regularly use the Kimony KGT-111 series of racket grips. These grip tapes are non- slippery and super- absorbent lending comfort to the players' hands. They are softer and yet durable.

So you can see that the best of professionals, the Chinese badminton players, choose their team equipment to suit their specific needs. There is no doubt that the right equipment can help a player to perform better, provided he has his basics pat.

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