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Coaching Badminton Drills

Coaching badminton drills are going to be one of the most important part of your badminton training if you want to be a great badminton player.

These types of drills and good instruction on how to execute them are often difficult to find. The reason they can be so hard to find is that you really need good step by step instruction for coaching badminton drills in order to do them correctly. If you are doing your training drills incorrectly you could be doing more harm than good when trying to perfect your badminton game.

One of the most important coaching badminton drills you should learn include in your practices will be to work on footwork. Footwork is one of the best drills to begin with because if you can control your foot work you will have more control of where your shuttle will eventually end up. You of course will need to work on shuttle control and swinging drills as well but we will start for now with footwork.

Footwork drills will help you to add control to your movements on the court as well as help you with control in learning and practicing with other badminton drills. The drills we will discuss here are going to be useful as we will cover the same basic footwork that is used in an actual match of badminton.

The first footwork coaching drill that you will want to practice will be moving to the baseline for a forehand swing. In this drill you will be positioned in the middle of the court in standby prepared for your shot to approach. As you see the shuttle coming you will push off with the right leg and as you do so turn your body clockwise. Skip, using both your legs, to the shuttle and follow a forehand swing through at the baseline. You will then push off with both of your legs to go to the next shot coming.

Footwork is important in all your swings and the next coaching badminton drill is going to the baseline for an around the head shot. Again here you will be positioned in the middle of the court and push off with both legs as you see the shuttle approach. Turn your body so that it is facing the oncoming shuttle, as you hit the shuttle you will then bring your right leg and right shoulder to the front and push off to prepare for the returned shuttle.

Moving to the net for a backhand and forehand are two important footwork drills that you will also need to learn. Moving to the net to use a backhand shot will require you to position yourself ready with your left leg behind your body. As you see the shuttle coming you will take a small step forward with the left leg and then lunge with the right as the final step before hitting the shuttle. Moving to the net for a forehand swing is very similar as you start in a ready stance, take a small step forward with your left leg and then lunge with your right as you swing for the shuttle.

After you have mastered the footwork for general returns you will want to learn how to position your lower body when receiving a forehand or backhand smash. Receiving a forehand smash will require you to lean your entire body to the right and lunge with your right leg, as you do this you will stretch out your racket hand and take the smash with a forehand swing. Receiving a backhand smash is for the most part the opposite. You will lean your entire body to the left as you do so you will want to turn your body and bring your right leg across as you lunge with the right leg you will stretch your racket hand out to take the backhand swing.

Side to side forehand smash footwork will require you to start with your body in the ready position. As you start the drill you will bend both your knees to jump into the air in the direction of the forehand side, be sure to jump with both your legs as far as you possibly can to the forehand side. This drill is very similar to the side to side around the head smash drill. You will start in the ready position and bend both your knees preparing to jump. You will jump in the direction of the around the head side, again making sure to jump with both your legs and as far as possible to the around the head direction.

Finally in the footwork coaching drills is the backhand footwork drill which will again require you to start in the ready position. As you follow to where the shuttle will need to be hit you will move forward with your left leg keeping the right leg stretched to the back. After you have made your swing follow through comfortably and prepare for your next shot.

All of these foot work badminton coaching drills will help you to perfect the rate at which you make it to the shuttle as well as the grace and speed you execute on the badminton courts. Practice them and you will see that the instruction here is simple and easy to follow, mostly these will be natural movements if you are an experienced badminton player, but ease does not mean that you can not improve and practice is the best way to improve your game.

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