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Complete Badminton Training by Former World Champion and Legend Zhao Jian Hua and Xiao Jie - Powerful Smash

by Andrew

To have a powerful smash, you must strengthen the wrist technique first. It's about generating the final bit of the force at the point of contact.

If one desires a powerful smash:

First, one must find the right contact point at the highest point and the shuttle must be in front of your head.

Second, when hitting the shuttle, the wrist must snap downwards, racket face hitting the shuttle squarely.

Third at the moment of contacting the shuttle, one must accelerate the pace of the shuttle, with the wrist snap motion, use of the force must be focused at the contact point and fingers tighten the grip to control the racket to go downwards when the shuttle contacts the racket.

The fingers should be relaxed before contacting the shuttle. Otherwise, it'll be too stiff to generate power to the racket and gain control of the racket.

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Oct 21, 2015
Badminton Training NEW
by: Tiffany Webb

For now not very lengthy, whilst you do a lot of practices you will be trained that playing badminton desire a bigger use of wrist movements and overhead swings than another racket physical games. These 2 main movements will expand your chance to win the sport. Of course, there are various facets that you have got to work on earlier than you see higher effect for your performance.
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Aug 16, 2015
Wajida NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 20, 2011
nice information
by: yompe


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