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Badminton is one of the important sports that are being followed in Denmark.

In fact, Danish badminton has been able to carve out a name for itself in the midst of heavyweights like china, Indonesia and Malaysia in the world of badminton.

No wonder then that Danish people enjoy badminton so much so that roughly four to five hundred thousand people spend their time on it, either playing or watching, ranging between the age groups of 7 and 70. The appeal for the game is so much that it has overcome the age, fitness and athletic ability to gain center stage there.

The history of Danish badminton is in itself interesting. In spite of originating many years before, badminton was not introduced in Denmark until 1925.

Around that time, in the Danish State Institute of Physical Education, there was a hall, which was too small to play tennis. It was purchased by Skovshoved Idraetsforening. When looking for some other game suitable for that hall, one of the club's members, who owned a sports shop, received a racket that needed repair from one of his customers.

Having never seen before that particular type of racket, he enquired the customer about it. The customer explained him about the game, said he had bought four rackets in England. Then he and his three friends went to Skovshoved Idraetsforening and introduced the game him.

Thus, the game of badminton was born in Denmark. The first competition took place with just four players and six spectators. After that, in just 25 years, Denmark had become one of the top badminton nations. Danish badminton had arrived.

The governing body for badminton in Denmark is the Badminton Association of Denmark. Besides helping to augment the participation of players at local, club organizational level, it also thrives to actively promote and encourage the ongoing development in badminton at the national and international levels.

It aims to include as many people as possible to take active part in badminton at all levels by making sure that each and every one is given the best of chances to develop their badminton playing ability.

Probably the most important contribution of Danish badminton to the world is Morten Frost Hansen. Nicknamed "Mr.Gentleman", he had a checquered career lasting for 12 years in one of the top three positions of the world ranking.

He had won all the invitational Grand prix tournaments in badminton, a record. He had also captured the prestigious All England Badminton Championships four times in his career.

He had represented the national team for an astounding 16 long years, from 1976 to 1991, which is longer than anybody else's involvement with their national teams. The only blemish in his career was that he was unable to win a single world championship title, although coming close to winning more than once.

Even after he retired, he involved himself actively with Danish badminton by coaching the Danish national team. Under his guidance, the Danish badminton team had won 20 major international titles, including a prestigious gold medal in the 1996 Olympics.

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