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Deepika Padukone: Learned Life Lessons from Badminton

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood" said Helen Keller. Deepika Padukone has learned through living her life many lessons.

She learned many of these lessons when she was a badminton athlete. The lessons have made a positive impact on her life. She is no longer a badminton athlete. However, the lessons lead her to help lead successful careers in modeling and acting. Therefore, she will never forget the sport of badminton that she still loves.

Deepika Padukine learned many important lessons from her time as a badminton athlete. She is always on time and punctual because of the time management skills she learned from playing badminton. In addition badminton helped her to be self confident, independent and responsible.

Her days as a badminton athlete and her team did plenty of traveling. It helped her to be self confident because she learned how to interact with people from countries all over the world and she enjoyed experiencing and learning from different cultures.

Equally important, her experience with losing and being defeated in badminton helped her handled failures and bad experiences in her modeling and acting career. It made her realize that failure is a part of life. But, it doesn't mean that you should quit or give up on your goals.

She not only learned lessons from her career in badminton. In addition, she has acquired a habit of playing in badminton. She played with fellow bollywood actor Soha Ali Khan at a badminton tournament in Mimbau last summer. She played pretty well and her fans were impressed. Equally important, she occasionally plays badminton with her father Prakash Padukone who used to be a professional badminton player.

She stills plays because she truly loves badminton. She started playing as a child when her father introduced the game to her. Likewise, she still has some skills because she defeated her boyfriend Rambit Kapoor in badminton 15-love.

Deepika Padukone stopped playing badminton competively to focus on her modeling and acting career. She has had a successful modeling career. She had modeled for Indian brand names such as Liril, Dabur Lal powder, Close-Up toothpaste, Limca and Maybelline. She at the Kingfisher Fashion awards was awarded title of Model of the Year.

Equally important, she has had a good acting career. She was in the international hit Om Shanti Om with Shahrukh Khan. The movie lead her to getting filmfare best female debut award. Likewise, she has been in Bachna Ae Haseeno in 2008 and Love Aaj Kal this year.

Deepika Padukone through her successes in her modeling and acting career has not forgot about badminton. Her love of badminton has lead her to pursue being in a movie about badminton. She would like to do this because it would help provide more exposure to the sport that she loves.

Her life and career show how badminton can be a good foundation to build important intangibles in young people such as time management skills, strong work ethic and responsibility. Thus, badminton is truly a sport that can change your life and affect your future for the better.

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