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Interview with Eddy Choong

Date: 20/11/2011

Dato Eddy Choong Ewe Beng was born in 29th of May, 1930. He liked badminton sports since he was a kid. During his teenage, his talent in badminton sports had already been discovered. His proudest achievement was his four-time victory in men's singles and his three-time victory in men's double in the All England Badminton Tournament.

Eddy Choong's most glorious achievement was his participation in the Thomas Cup team in 1955 and helped Malaya team to win the Thomas Cup for the third time and signified Malaya's position as a Badminton Super Power Nation.

Statistically, from end of 19-fourties to middle of 19-sixties, in his twenty-year badminton career, Eddy Choong had won 75 international championships from 15 countries. Additionally, he also won about 450 regional championships.

Indeed, he was really the best badminton player of that period. His illustrious achievements are still not surpassed by any badminton players from Malaysia.

Even though Eddy Choong had achieved highest personal honor in the badminton court, he never felt selfish to share his skills with other players. Locally and internationally, he had trained numerous younger players such as the 7-time All England Men's Single Champion Erland Kops and Double player Finn Kobbero from Denmark, Tan Aik Huang, Tan Yee Khan and Ng Boon Bee from Malaysia. His students spread all over the world and they also achieved excellence results in international badminton arena.

Eddy Choong's motto was "A personal champion is not the real champion, a real champion must train up many champion player." He dedicated his entire life to badminton sports to promote the globalization of badminton sports. His contributions won respect from badminton arena locally and internationally.

International Badminton Association had awarded their highest honor to Eddy Choong, the "Hall of Fame For Enhancement of Badminton Through Exceptional Achievement". Locally, Eddy Choong was awarded by the Malaysian Olympic Council as one of the five "Malaysian Greatest Sportsmen". He was also given the title of "The Badminton father of Malaysia". He is was and still is a priceless asset to Malaysia.

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