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Emms Aims to Bow Out in Style

As the Olympic Games are considered the pinnacle of many sporting stars entire careers it is no surprise that many players tailor their training schedules to be able to peak at these events and carry many dreams of returning from these events with a handful of medals and the memories of the crowd cheering them onto the podium.

Many sporting stars also see it as a fantastic time to draw their career to a close as they believe they won't be able to match the achievements of appearing at such an event. One badminton player who has recently announced that the Beijing Olympics will be her final sporting appearance is current English badminton starlet Gail Emms.

Emms has been one of the main stays of the English badminton squads and one of the crowning moments in her career is definitely the Olympic silver medal she won with partner Nathan Robertson at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Hopes are still high that Emms will be able to replicate the success she had in Greece but as 2008 has seen her blighted by injuries, it is going to require a huge effort for the 30 year old star to regain form and fitness to compete at her best during the games.

Emms first injury of the year came when she managed to pull a muscle in her foot but this subsided to allow her to take part in a tournament in Malaysia and she managed to pull off a great performance despite her injury.

Emms bad luck continued when she picked up a viral meningitis which threatened to derail her appearing at the All England tournament but ever since then, she has managed to show a level of freshness and optimism about her play which would indicate she has every chance of grabbing glory at her final major event.

Sometimes players can get a lift from knowing their career is coming to a close whereas others struggle to live up to the expectations placed upon them. Emms has already admitted that her final All England tournament was a rather emotional affair which would maybe indicate that her performances in the Beijing Olympics may be as much a battle against her own nerves and tension as opposed to merely playing her opponent.

Nonetheless, the knowledge of already achieving an Olympic medal should instill a level of confidence in the England star and she can definitely count on the support of her team-mates and nation in her attempt to bow out in style.

As the build-up for the Beijing Olympics continues apace and the attention is moving away from the controversy of China being awarded the Games to being correctly focused on the sporting events and as the summer approaches expect many more players to make announcements about their future and there will be plenty for fans to discuss and debate before the real action starts.

Badminton has been a mainstay in the Olympics since the early 1990s and the form of the host nation players will create a buzz and excitement around the badminton events that are sure to create a large amount of media coverage for the event.

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