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Facing Your Fear in Badminton Tournaments

The most common barrier a player has to encounter when playing a match especially in a badminton tournament is facing their fears. Fears can be differentiated in different elements such as not playing your game in front of the crowd but it all boils down to fear of losing.

This may cause nervousness and anxiety which builds up to a level that you feel lost in game; you have no idea of overcoming it. Firstly by overcoming this episode, you have to go back to the training preparation and being well planned before the badminton tournament begins.

I would suggest at least 2 months of preparation prior to the badminton tournament. One has to work and truly dedicate themselves in badminton training to overcome their weaknesses and brushes up their strength.

Don't get me wrong it's takes a lot of mental strength, perseverance and patience to actually overcome a simple weakness such as consistency, fitness, court coverage or a steep smash! One has to dig deep in overcoming these obstacles. After overcoming it, that is when the natural self confidence kicks in when the badminton tournament begins.

Another commonly factor faced by many badminton player especially young badminton players who is just starting out would be fearing the crowd or a small group of friends watching you play in your first national tournament. Another method which you can do by stimulating the situation would be downloading a mp3 of crowd "cheering" or "booing" on youtube or something and blast it out on the speakers while doing a drill.

If you ever noticed while watching a big match like Chong Wei vs Lin Dan, it's so loud that you can't even hear yourself. It's a very challenging job just to stay focus on the objective which is winning the match. So this exercise would be a great exercise.

When match day arrives, after a period of proper preparation. It's time to face the music. Before the badminton match, try to reach at least 1 hour earlier than your scheduled time and just relax yourself by listening your mp3 and you can put on your favourite song or any motivational songs like "Rocky training montage" the boxing movie. Have your hands and legs proper warmed up and stay focus. Study your opponent's strength and weaknesses.

And when you stepped in the badminton court, just forget about anything else. Used what you have worked on training and your game plan. Just enjoy the game and take control of situation. Most importantly "have fun!" and be alert of your opponent body language, strength and weaknesses.

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