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Famous Badminton Players - A Salute to the Legends

Badminton is no doubt one of the most famous racket sports around the world and many famous badminton players can be found due to the popularity of the sport.

Very few people actually know that badminton has a long history though it has only been recently introduced in the Olympic scene. Various sources claim that its origins date back at least two thousand years to the game of battledore and shuttlecock played in ancient Greece, India and China.

At first the palm of the hand was used and then a small bat, originally made from wood, then skin, and finally catgut strings stretched over a frame. And, we know, rest is the history. Let's not dwell too deep in the past and see the recent scene in the modern world where it has been accepted well around the world.

May it be Eddy Choong, Han Jian, Yang Yang, Zhao Jian Hua, Rudy Hartono, Icuk Sugiarto, Morten Frost, Ong Ewe Hock, Rexy Manaiky, Park Joo Bong, Misbun Sidek, Lim Swie King, David G. Freeman, Jorge Palazuelos, Pullela Gopichand, Martin Dew-Hattens or Susi Susanti, there are so many to name when it comes to the famous badminton legends.

Not just Indonesia, Malaysia and China, but India too has a great badminton history. Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand and Aparna Popat are some of the most famous Indian badminton players. Recently, Aparna Balan of Kerala created a major upset by beating nine time national champion Aparna Popat to enter the women's semi-final of the 3rd J R D Tata All India senior prize money Badminton tournament.

Let's go back to history and see some of the most famous badminton players around the world. We cannot forget a badminton legend called Eddy Choong. Eddy Choong, born in 1930 in Malaysian, is a famous badminton player, who won most major honors during his career spanned from as early as 1950.

The greatest American player ever developed is David G. Freeman of Pasadena, Calif. He dominated the sport from 1939 until the national championships were abandoned because of the war after 1942. He is one of those players who have so many incredible stories associated with his career in badminton.

He is considered to be a magician in the court because he can drive the shuttlecock at any designated spot and make a bulls-eye. Not only this, but he is said to be the greatest retriever that badminton has ever produced.

Other great American men players have been Walter R. Kramer, Chester Goss, Donald Eversoll, Hamilton Law, Richard Yeager, William Markham, Carl Loveday, Donald Richardson, Phillip Richardson, LeRoy Erikson, Reaford Haney, William Faversham, Wayne Schell, C. Raynor Hutchinson, Clinton Stephens, Richard Mitchell, Barney McCay, Webb Kimball, Roy Lockwood, Wynn Robers, Marten Mendez, Joseph Alston, Dr. Jim Poole, Dr. Don Paup, Dr. Stanton Hales, and Chris Kinard.

The great English badminton men players through the last 40 years have included F. Chesterton, G.A. Sautter, H.N. Marrett, Sir George A. Thomas, G.B.S. Mack, J.F. Devlin, F.Hodge, E. Hawthorn, D.C. Hume, H.G. Uber, A.K. Jones, R.C.F. Nichols, R.M. White and Ken Davidson (later of the United States).

The Canadian men stars were Col. A.E. Snell, McTaggart Cowan, Dr. H.T. Douglas, C.W. Aikmen, Jack Underhill, Jack Purcell, J.W. Taylor, Douglass Grant, Rod Phelan, Jack G. Muir, Noel Radford, George Goodwin Jr., James Forsythe, J.E. Sibbald, Reginald Hill, D.W.R. McKean, Grant Henry, John Samis, James Snyder, Paul Snyder, Richard Birch, Len Schlemm, Allan France, H.K. Pollock, H.E. Porter, Gordon Simpson, Don Smythe, Daryl Thompson, Alan Williams, Dave McTaggart, Wayne MacDonnell, Jamie Paulson, Bruce Rollick, and Yves Pare.

Canadian Judy Devlin-Hashman was one of the best badminton players in the world. From 1954 to 1967 she won more than 50 major championships, including 12 U.S. seniors' national titles and 10 All-England championships. Isn't it remarkable?

Well, the above given list may not be all-inclusive when it comes to the famous badminton players around the world, but it is comprehensive enough to give a rough idea about some of the well known names in the sport.

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