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Filipinos Want Change, India Change Venue

There is turmoil within the Philippine Badminton Association (PBA), with many of its members calling for a change of leadership in the lead-up to the Southeast Asian Games.

According to media reports from Manila, presidents from more than half of the 67 clubs have signed a petition calling for a special meeting of the PBA at the end of September at the Quezon City Sports Club.

The current PBA president is Amelita "Ming" Ramos, who was elected by club presidents at an extraordinary meeting in 2006 who gave her a two-year term.

The petition says that only those members who were present at the 2006 meeting have been invited to attend the September 27 gathering to elect a new president.

The move was instigated by Romeo Cacatian, president of the Guagua Badminton Club, who is acting on behalf of the other presidents.

Cacatian and the others say the main items on the agenda is the election of the PBA president as well as formulating a plan to prepare Filipino shuttlers for next year's Southeast Asian Games.

"Those club member-presidents who gave Mrs. Ramos a term extension are the same group who are calling for this special meeting. We have the rights to elect a new leader for the association," Cacatian said in the Manila Standard Today.

Although it was Cacatian and his counterparts who had a hand in installing Ramos as president, they feel little has gone to plan.

Cacatian said in the paper that most of the member associations were disappointed at her performance over the past two years.

They say the leadership has failed to enact reforms and there is a lack of commitment to provide technical and financial support at the grassroots level.

Meanwhile, in New Delhi, an AFP report says the 2009 world championships will be shifted from the Indian capital to the southern city of Hyderabad.

Quoting an official, the change came about because of the delay in renovation work at Delhi's Siri Fort Sports Complex, which is also set to host the badminton events for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The world championships are to be held from August 10-16 next year, having been held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2007.

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