"What If I Told You That You Could Get Coaching From Tiger Woods On Your Golf Game...Or Michael Jordan On Your Hoops Game...Or One On One Tennis Lessons From Rafel Nadal...Or Be Taught How To Bend It Like Beckham by David Himself??? That's What You Will Get By Joining Our Badminton Coaching Holidays!!"

To end the year 2013 with a bang! We've decided to host a "very special year-end" camp for adults and children of all ages on the 26th to the 30th of December 2013! For this 2013 year-end camp, we have 2 legendary players!None other legendary Mr. Foo Kok Keong and Mr. Cheah Soon Kit! who are both former World Number 1 and Thomas Cup Champions to conduct thisspecial holiday camp!


Here's a brief profile of Mr. Foo Kok Keong and Mr. Cheah Soon Kit!

Foo Kok Keong:


Foo Kok Keong is a well known top world class badminton star in the mid 80's to the mid 90's. He's known for his fighting spirits and beating all top players in his playing days. He was one of the first player who invented the signature dive defensive shot!

In 1991, Foo Kok Keong became the first Malaysian to reach the number 1 world ranking since the ranking system is implement by the International Badminton Federation(BWF) in the 80's. In 1992, Foo Kok Keong and Cheah Soon Kit his team created history in the Thomas Cup finals! Which is the World Cup in badminton. This feat has been a record for Malaysia and never yet to be broken after 21 years!

After retiring from the sports in 1994, has been missing in action in the badminton world and the public eye to venture into business but still keep touch in the game as being an advisor for professional clubs in Malaysia.


Name : Foo Kok Keong

Date of Birth: 8 January 1963

Country: Malaysia

Language: English and Chinese

Highest IBF World Ranking: World Number 1 (1991)

International playing experience: 1982 – 1994

Coaching experience: 19 years

1994 – 2013 (advisor) at Nusa Mahsuri Proessional club , Misbun Sidek's club.

Produced players like Ong Ewe Hock (World number 2), Rashid Sidek (World number 1), Hafiz Hashim, Roslin Hashim (World number 1), Tan Kim Her, Ong Ewe Hock, Lee Chong Wei (World number) and etc.


Thomas Cup
1994 – Runners up (2nd)
1992 – Champion
1990 – Runner's up (2nd)
1990 – Runner's up (2nd)
1986 – Bronze

Asian Games
1990 – Bronze
1994 – Runner's up (2nd)

World Tournament
1994 – Asian Badminton Championship (Champion)
1991 - Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 – All England Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 – Malaysia Open (2nd)
1990 – French Open (Champion)
1990 – Singapore Open (Champion)
1990 - Japan Open (2nd)
1990 – Hong Kong Open (2nd)
1990 – Malaysia Open (2nd)
1988 – Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1988 – World Cup (2nd)
1989 – World Grand Prix (2nd)


Cheah Soon kit:


Cheah Soon Kit is a former badminton star from Malaysia during the mid 80's to the year 2000, specialized in men's doubles. He has played for Malaysian team in 8 editions of the Thomas Cup from 1986 to 2000 and winning it at the 1992 edition which he scored the winning point together with Soo Beng Kiang. Cheah Soon Kit became the first Malaysia's Olympic silver medallist in 1996 Atlanta Games together with Yap Kim Hock.

During his playing career he has played with different partners such as Ong Beng Teong (1986-1989),Soo Beng Kiang (1990-1994) and Choong Tan Fook (1998). His regular doubles partner is Yap Kim Hock (1995-2000).

He has created much success with all these partners, which made him one of the biggest badminton stars in Malaysia. He is known for his superb jumping smash ability and his very stable game.

Cheah Soon Kit eventually became the national coach for Malaysia's women's doubles team(2001-2008).


Name: Cheah Soon Kit

Date of Birth: January 9, 1968

Specialise: men's doubles

Highest World Ranking: 1

International Playing Years: 15 years

Coaching experience:13 years 
2001 to 2008 at Badminton Association of Malaysia. 2008 to 2013 (private club)

Olympic Games
1996 Atlanta (Silver medal)

World Championship
1993 Birmingham (2nd place)
1995 Lausanne (3rd place)
1997 Glasgow (2nd place)

World Grand Prix
1995 Singapore (Champion)

World Cup
1994 (Champion)
1992 (Champion)

Asia Championship
1995 (Champion)

Thomas Cup
1992 (Champion)
1988 (2nd place)
1990 (2nd place)
1994 (2nd place)
1998 (2nd place)

Asian Games
1994 Japan (2nd place)

Commonwealth Games
1998 (Champion)
1994 (Champion)

South  East Asia Games
1993 (Champion)
1995 (Champion)

World Tournaments:
1988 - Thomas Cup Finals (2nd place)
1989 - Thailand Open (2nd place)
1990 - Thomas Cup Finals (2nd place)
1991 - Swedish Open (Champion)
1991 - Thailand Open (2nd place)
1992 - World Cup (Champion)
1992 - Thomas Cup Finals (Champion)
1992 - U.S Open (Champion)
1992 - Malaysia Open (Champion)
1993 - Dutch Open (Champion)
1993 - World Championships (2nd place)
1994 - World Cup (Champion)
1995 - Asia Championship (Champion)
1995 - Thailand Open (2nd place)
1995 - World Grand Prix (Champion)
1996 - Malaysia Open (Champion)
1996 - All England Championship (2nd place)
1997 - World Championship (2nd place)
1998 - Dutch Open (Champion)
1998 - Japan Open (Champion)
1998 - Thomas Cup Finals (2nd place)
1999 - Hong Kong Open (Champion)
1999 - Chinese Taipei (2nd place)
2000 - Chinese Taipei Open (2nd place)


We want to get the best out of you and we will. But we understand that everyone has different talent levels and abilities. We aren't looking for the best of the best, we are simply providing THE BEST TRAINING to MAXIMIZE your personal abilities.

One of the greatest misfortunes in sport is seeing people interested in a particular sport, not get great coaching and find out just how good they can be. We won't let that happen! We provide great instruction, personal training and a tremendous amount of fun! You will have a great and satisfying time in Kuala Lumpur.



You'll spend the first half-hour knocking up and playing with the coaching team.

Mr. Foo Kok Keong will assess your badminton playing and discuss with you what he thinks needs concentrating on, your strengths and weaknesses, and agree the coaching itinerary for the rest of the week and give you a schedule. That way you'll know exactly what to expect and understand the training objectives, in terms of both technical and physical goals.

Typically, the training programme will cover:

Skill - basic, intermediate and advanced (depending on your current ability), covering clears, smashes, drives and footwork

Fitness - develop speed and stamina through training exercises on the court and in the gym, weight training etc.

Match Play - improve your strategy and tactics for singles, doubles and mixed through a combination of playing, analysis and instruction.

At the end of each day, we'll jointly review the training and the progress you've made and see if the training programme needs any fine tuning. We will go over your game in fine detail, showing you exactly the techniques you can use to get better and what to eliminate in terms of mistakesWe go over your game individually with a fine tooth comb. You won't get better instruction anywhere!


Here's a brief itinerary of the holiday camp:

26th of December 2013 (Thursday)

10am to 12pm

3pm - 5pm : Training


27th of December 2013 (Friday)

10am to 12pm:  Training 

3pm to 5pm: Training


28th of December 2013 (Saturday)

10am to 12pm: Training

3pm to 5pm: Training      


29th of December 2013 (Sunday)

10am to 12pm: Training

3pm to 5pm: Training


30th to December 2013 (Monday)

10 am to 1 pm: Training

3pm to 5pm: Training



You are in luck. We decided that the first 50 players to join this exciting week in Kuala Lumpur to get the best quality coaching, we would slash our fees all the way down to
RM 988 (300USD)! The bad news? We will charge our normal price of RM 2000 (700USD) on the 51st participant onwards. Don't wait, grab your spot right now at over a 50% discount!  An additional of RM120 (40 USD) PER Night for accommodation and RM 60 (20USD) for twin sharing.


What Do These Fees Cover?

Just about everything we could think of to give you the time of your life!

Coaching duration - 20 hours!
Court facilities
Playing partners

Badminton T-shirts autographed by Foo Kok Keong and Cheah Soon Kit!


Hurry - before the offer of RM 988 (USD 300) ends

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