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Badminton tips are great for improving your game and giving you a new outlook on some of the current practices you may have, but free badminton tips are even better!

When you can find them free badminton tips are a great way to add to practices as well as adding to your knowledge of how to really get dirty and play the sport.

Some of the better badminton tips found can be looked up on the World Wide Web and others can be found in books. The great thing about using the Internet is that you can often find them for free, books you generally have to pay for especially if you want to keep them.

A couple of the best free badminton tips found include those from your coaches as they are going to know your game best. However if you are to a point of looking beyond what your coach may be telling you to practice you have come to the right place. Some good badminton tips to start with will be for improving your serve, especially for beginners.

Improving your serve can be done by taking some of these things into consideration. First take your time when learning this aspect of badminton. This is after all how you will begin each game of badminton and so starting greatly will increase your stamina, self esteem and positive mental state.

Also when beginning to learn to serve the first thing to remember is to always wait until after you have dropped the shuttle to begin your swing. Swinging slightly before or at the same time of your drop will cause you to miss the shuttle all together and can become very frustrating.

Another great tip to keep in mind when learning to serve is to spend some time with visualization before you attempt your serve. If you can see in your mind how the flow of events needs to take place you will start to make that your habit often giving yourself results naturally every time.

As far as swinging tips go you should always try to use a stroke other than the backhand. It is true there is a time and place for the backhand but this should be used only when it is absolutely necessary. This is because your backhand, no matter how good you are, will be less powerful and less accurate than a swing you can fully view with the net.

It is only logical that if you are not looking at the net a backhand is going to be your best guess as to where you are sending the shuttle once you have struck it. There are some players that can become very good at this guess and it is great to have that practiced ability.

However if you can use another shot such as a forehand or around the head forehand you will significantly improve your chance for a successful shot. With any shot it is helpful to visualize how you would like things to turn out, but again this is more difficult with a backhand as often you are not actually going to get a clear view of the play as you finish your follow through.

Finally covering the court is always a good subject to find free badminton tips on. Many beginners have trouble covering the court adequately as well as more experienced players too. Covering the court will become improved if you try to strengthen your speed and grace or agility. This is often best done through drills and circuit training.

The quicker and smoother you can become in your footwork the faster and more completely you will be able to cover the court. This will happen due to strength built in your legs and control built into your muscles and body.

The more you can control your feet and body the more efficient you movements can become. The more efficient your movements across court are the better skill you will have in being where ever you need to be when you need to be there.

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