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Fu Hai Feng teaching how to smash

by Andrew

4 times World Doubles Champion. Fu Hai Feng arguably known for his powerful and lethal smash. Currently Fu Hai Feng holds the record of the fastest smash in a tournament at 332km/h at the 2005 Sudirman Cup. Here's a video of him teaching his specialty, the jump smash:

People may think that smash is very hard execute but they're wrong. The amateur players, gets elbow injury quite easily because they can't understand the right technique of the smash.

When you smash hard without the right technique, you will get the risk of getting elbow injury. After hitting the point of the contact, the racket and your arm should follow through to the opposite direction of you racket hand.

When you jump and combining your stomach strength your smash will be more powerful. If you want to start to do the smash technique, you must learn basic stroke and movement first.

When I learn badminton at childhood, I gotta practice the swing for 2 months. Then only proceed to hitting the shuttles. Basic foundation of strokes is very important.

There are 4 steps.

First, be prepared.

Second, the racket hand and the aiming hand has to be in a straight line.

Third, be prepared to execute the smash stroke.

4th bring the shuttle down and follow through.

Before executing the smash, your whole body got to be relaxed and combining with your stomach strength you will produce explosiveness and the speed of the shuttle will increase.

If you want to smash like a professional player, it's not easy to do that. If you want to learn the smash, first you gotta strengthen your legs and stomach muscles.

The contact point of the shuttle is very important, the contact point has to be in front of you and should be taken at the highest point.

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