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You know, practicing and learning badminton need not be necessarily boring. There are fun badminton drills by which you can learn badminton in a comfortable manner.

Fun badminton drills are the complacent, non-competitive way of improving your badminton skills. At the same time, fun badminton drills can also be used to improve camaraderie between same club members, as each drill requires co-operation between participants.

Fun badminton drills can be utilized to improve all the badminton shots, be it clear, lift, drop or smash. Similarly, fun badminton drills can significantly improve the court covering skills from baseline to net or between right and left sidelines.

Now let us discuss some simple fun badminton drills. Remember, fun badminton drills have no rules and regulations and you can devise your own fun badminton drills depending on which shot or aspect of the game you want to improve.

Improving clearing, same side of the court

In this, players A and B, face each other on the same side of the court, standing near the doubles service line in the back of the court. Player A clears to player B, and player B in turn clears to player A. Each should practice clearing drawing an imaginary circle around them, or just within one-foot movement on all sides in practicing clearing.

Improving cross-court clearing

In this, players A and B face each other from the opposite sides of the court standing diagonally. Player A clears to player B who in turn clears it to player A. The same fun badminton drill is repeated after changing to the other same side of the court. By this, both left to right and right to left cross-court clearing can be mastered.

To make cross court clearing more effective and dynamic, both players A and B can clear the shuttle to the opponents unoccupied corner, each time running to meet the shuttle and clearing it.

By the same method, standing near the net, player A can drop to player B, Player B in turn dropping it again to player A. Initially this can be done with both players standing opposite to each other on the same side. Then it can be practiced cross-court and finally both players can proceed to running and cross-court dropping.

To master lifting, player A stands near the net and player B stands near the baseline, initially on the same side. Player B drops to player A, and player A lifts it to player B. Then the lifting and dropping is practiced cross-court and finally the running element is also included, as we have seen in clearing and dropping.

Similar fun badminton drills can be adopted to master driving and smashing skills in three stages like 1) same side 2) cross court and 3) cross court and running as explained above.

Fun badminton drills can also be in the form of mock doubles game. Here, whoever is committing a mistake makes way for another new player to participate in the game.

This is very useful when many players are there and the practicing court facilities are very limited. As players keep on changing on every point scored or lost, everyone gets an equal opportunity to participate and refine his or her skills.

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