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Golden Lee Defends Post-Olympics Partying

South Korea's Olympic gold medallist Lee Yong-dae has been forced to defend himself against criticism that he has neglected his training for the busy social life that comes after winning the Beijing Games mixed doubles title.

The two Lees, Yong-dae and Hyo-jung, became instant celebrities in Korea after their gold-winning feats in Beijing. Both players have become household names and are in big demand to appear in talk shows and sit for interviews.

Yong-dae's good looks have also made him popular with female fans. However, he said that his badminton comes before anything else.

In addition, he felt he deserved to enjoy himself for a while after the hard work he put into his Olympic preparations.

"I had to fight myself to get immersed in training," Yong-dae was quoted as saying in Donga. "And I badly wanted to do things I couldn't do because of the Olympics. If I cannot enjoy this time, when can I do such things? I wanted to be free and have many memorable moments.

"I wanted to drink with my friends, go shopping and take a trip...but I feel I'm too busy to do anything. I will continue to work hard and make every effort to prepare for my next goal."

The name "Yong-dae", given to him by his parents, means great figure in Korean and many of his female fans would agree.

He was born in 1988, when Seoul hosted the previous Asian Olympics before Beijing. To go to the Olympics and win gold was a dream come true for both he and his parents.

Yong-dae has been very busy with social events since the Olympics, appearing in TV programmes and even modelling for a fashion magazine.

In one television appearance he was asked to kick a football. He admitted it was just him posing rather than trying to kick the ball properly.

"I took that pose for photos after wondering which one will be photogenic. Performing a good kick was not the main thing I was concerned about," he said.

He added that by being featured a lot in TV and in magazines helped to boost the popularity of badminton in South Korea.

Lee has returned to training recently but will not be playing in the upcoming Taiwan Open and Japan Open tournaments.

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