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How Best to Prepare for The Olympics

One of the most important issues for any player going to an event like the Olympics is to ensure that their preparation is of the utmost quality and is designed to allow them to hit top form.

Each player and their respective coaches will have their own opinions on what is best for their own game and the Malaysian badminton team have been given the opportunity to formalize their own plans for the Games. With the players having the option of focusing on training or playing in competitive matches, each player can work out a schedule that is designed to their own specific needs.

How best to prepare for a tournament is something that can vary for every single player and no two players are alike in their training methods. This means that this opportunity announced by Yap Kim Hock, the Malaysian national chief coach, should provide the perfect focus for players to perform at their best. Before the Olympics there are a number of top level competitions that will enable players to remain in top form and hone their skills against quality opposition.

Major events scheduled for before the Olympics include the Singapore Open, which is held between the 10th and the 15th of June. This is followed by the Indonesia Open between the 17th and 22nd of June and then there is the Thailand Open, held between the 24th and 29th of June. With all three of these events being hold so close together and in the same region, there is a strong chance that many top players will be turning up to hone their performance before the major event.

However, some players will prefer to focus on training and building their fitness and performance levels to peak at the Olympics and this means that some players will be keeping a low profile before the Beijing Games. There is a worry of injury and burn out so some players do prefer to avoid top level competition to ensure they are fresh and fully fit for a major tournament.

With some of Malaysia's star players carrying injuries and knocks, there will be a notable few who will be advised to rest and allow their injuries time to heal but there will be some players who will be encouraged to play in these events. The Doubles coach, Rexy Mainaky, has already stated that he believes some of his players should be looking to tighten up their form before the event. It will not come as a surprise to see some of Malaysia's Doubles stars playing in these events in June before they head to Beijing.

The flexibility in approach of the Malaysian badminton team shows that although science can be used frequently in sport, it is not always possible to apply it across the board. Players have different fitness and confidence levels and can be affected by tournaments in very different ways.

Whether this flexibility will be enough to ensure their stars return from the Olympics with medals will remain to be seen but there can be no complaints from Malaysia's top players about their Olympic preparation methods.

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