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Importance of Evaluating Badminton Performance

The importance of evaluating badminton performance cannot be undermined, as it is a popular worldwide game with clubs and academies in almost every country.

Evaluating badminton performance in a player is important for the following reasons:

1. To understand the player's strengths and fine tune them.

2. To find out the weaknesses of the player and strengthen them.

3. To assess the attitude of the player.

4. To evaluate the commitment and competitiveness of the player.

5. To facilitate domestic or international ranking.

6. To shortlist the eligible players for funding assistance from the Government or badminton academies.

When evaluating badminton performance, generally the following is taken in to consideration:

1. Evaluation of performance.

2. Evaluation of on court performance.

3. Evaluation of the opponent against the player being evaluated.

When evaluating performance, the following are taken in to consideration:

1. His skills.

2. His agility.

3. His accuracy.

4. His consistency.

5. His stroke producing fluency.

6. His ability to execute correct shots at the correct time.

7. His stamina.

Evaluating badminton performance on court takes in to account the following additional things:

1. Adjustments learnt, be it winning or loosing.

2. Practice modifications needed.

3. Adjustments required.

4. Talents lacking in the player.

In assessing the opponent's game against the player being evaluated, the following are noted:

1. How the opponent affected the game of the player.

2. How should the opponent be attacked in the next game.

3. What the strengths and drawbacks of the opponent are.

Although evaluating badminton performance differs in different countries, generally the following is taken into consideration.

1. Citizen or immigrant.

2. Whether the player is taking active participation in training programmes adequately and constantly.

3. Is he committing himself adequately to achieve excellence at the international level.

4. His Ranking in domestic, state and national level.

5. His Performance in domestic, state and national championships.

6. His Performance in Junior championships.

7. His attitude and work ethic on and off court.

8. His performance in international tournaments.

9. His world rank and at what age he is achieving it.

10. His ability to raise his level and perform better when necessary.

11. To confirm that he is not averse to make the needed sacrifices to shine in international level and showing indications for the same by fulfilling his professional commitments adequately throughout the year, year after year.

Not only players, but also coaches, umpires, referees, service judges and line judges can also be evaluated regarding their performance in badminton tournaments. It is helpful in prioritizing the people for international tournaments to avoid officiating errors and ensuring fair play.

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