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Badminton has a worldwide following, probably only next to football. To this date, international badminton has got thousands of professionals and millions of supporters across the length and breadth of the world, living and dying with the game.

BADMINTON WORLD FEDERATION (formerly known as International Badminton Federation) governs international badminton. The present president of Badminton World Federation is Dr. Kang Young Joong of South Korea. Other council members and staff support him in his official activities.

To facilitate easy access and regulation, international badminton is divided in to five member associations based upon the region. The member associations are:

1. Badminton Confederation of Africa

2. Badminton Asia Confederation

3. Badminton Europe

4. Badminton Pan Am Confederation

5. Badminton Oceania Confederation

The member associations contain National badminton associations of their individual countries in their region as their members. This way, all the countries of the world are grouped in any one of the above confederations, through their national badminton associations.

The Badminton World Federation, as per suggestions and feedbacks received from member associations, issue guidelines on various parameters of international badminton like:

1. Rules and regulations for badminton

2. Code and conduct for players

3. Conducting tournaments

4. Benchmarking training centers

5. Anti doping regulations

6. Guidelines for officials involved in badminton like referees, linesmen etc.

7. International ranking systems

8. Junior world badminton events

9. Badminton for physically challenged people

10. Specific additional regulations for the internationally acclaimed Thomas, Uber and Sudirman Cup tournaments.

Badminton World Federation does not stop with framing rules and maintaining regulations regarding badminton, but in order to make players experience world class standards in training and playing, it runs world class training centers at:

1. Saarbruken, Germany

2. Sofia, Bulgaria

3. Guangzhou, China

Badminton World Federation takes care of the publications, player profiles, Ranking details, Calendar events and photo galleries of important moments in the history of badminton.

Badminton World Federation is involved in the selection and recommendation of selected quality product brands and companies for maintaining the quality of the game and the safety of badminton player. It recommends brands and companies for shuttles, net, net posts and even flooring.

Besides governing almost all the aspects of international badminton, Badminton World Federation encourages people and players who contribute significantly to the development of badminton by giving awards like:

1. Hall of fame

2. Distinguished service award

3. Meritorious service award

4. Eddy Choong player of the year award

5. Certificate of commendation

6. Herbert Scheele trophy

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