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Li Ning China Masters Result

Men's Singles Final

[CHN] Long Chen [3]


[CHN] Jin Chen [4]

21-16 22-20

Women's Singles Final

[CHN] Shixian Wang [2]


[CHN] Yanjiao Jiang [4]

21-16 8-5 Retired

Men's Doubles Final

[KOR] Jae Sung Jung [3] and [KOR] Yong Dae Lee


[CHN] Yun Cai [1] and [CHN] Haifeng Fu

21-17 21-10

Women's Doubles Final

[CHN] Xia Huan and [CHN] Jinhua Tang


[CHN] Xiaoli Wang [1] and [CHN] Yang Yu

21-19 Retired

Mixed Doubles Final

[CHN] Chen Xu [5] and [CHN] Jin Ma


[KOR] Yeon Seong Yoo and [KOR] Ye Na Jang

21-13 21-16

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