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Li Yongbo: Coach of Champions

"Coaching is a profession of love. You cannot coach people unless you love them" said football coach Eddie Robinson. Li Yongbo must love his players because China's badminton program is the best in the world.

Li Yongbo is training China's badminton athletes to be champions. He is preparing these athletes to continue their domination in badminton. In addition, he was an athlete before he became a coach. Equally important, he is never afraid to speak his mind and he always says where he stands on important issues in badminton. But, who is Li Yongbo?

Li Yongbo is the head coach of the Chinese national badminton team. The Chinese national badminton team has been great with him as the head coach. They were very successful at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. They won the most medals of any country by winning a total of eight medals. They won a gold medal in men's singles, women's singles, and women's doubles.

Likewise, the Chinese national badminton team did a lot at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. They won three gold medals in the 2004 Summer Olympics. Furthermore, they at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney won four gold medals.

Their dominance is still far from over. The Chinese National Team became the first team ever to win all five titles at the All England Championships on March 9, 2009. This was the first clean sweep in an open or amateur era since 1948.

Before, Li Yongbo was a successful head coach he was a good badminton player. He was a men's doubles player who was teamed with Tian Bingyi. They won a bronze medal in men's doubles in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. They won the Danish open in 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991. In addition, he won the prestigious All England Championships in 1987, 1988 and 1991. They won several other tournaments and Championships too.

Li Yongbo has strong leadership skills as a head coach. He runs the Chinese national badminton team under his complete authority. He doesn't allow anyone to question his authority. He has many critics and many supporters. Yet, he is popular enough to have ads on television. However, he is not ever afraid to speak his mind about issues in badminton.

For instance, he even admitted ordering a player in 2004 Olympic Games to throw a crucial match so that China would have a better chance to win a gold medal. He decided to do this because China had a better chance at winning the final against a non-Chinese opponent. Equally important, he is not afraid to criticize openly Badminton World Federation (BWF).

He was upset that they changed an order of play so that they would be ensured a glamour tie between Lin Dan and Taufik Hidayat was played at the Sudiman Cup. He believes that the (BWF) is killing the development of badminton by making these bad decisions.

He realizes some of these comments make him disliked by some and unpopular. But, he is not concerned with that. "In the entire squad, sometimes someone needs to be the bad guy. And obviously, I'm the one play that role" said Li Yongbo.

Li Yongbo is a controversial coach. But, his method's work because the team is continually dominating the competition. He offers a lot of tough love to his players by sometimes openly criticizing them. However, it allows them to see what they really need to work on and improve on.

They appreciate him for the constructive criticism. Thus, Ling Yongbo is an honest hard- working coach that knows that all that matters are the result which is winning.

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