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Life After Vietnam Open

by Lukas & Max

After the tournament in Vietnam, where we spent only one week we returned back to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, where we continued our preparation. Before us there are now 4 weeks of training that have past.

At the end of September we expect another very strong tournament which is the Indonesian Open Grand Prix Gold. Tournaments such as Grand Prix Gold are just below the range of the most prestigious tournament which is Super Series.

We can expect a close involvement of world leading players who during this Olympic qualification year are attending to those kinds of tournaments to make enough point for an eventual participation at the upcoming games in London. These upcoming four weeks we will have hard training in order to try to prepare ourselves for this tournament.

On Saturday, after coming back from Vietnam’s tournament we restarted our training. In the morning we had a jogging session for about 4O minutes then some sprint up a hill and for the finish agility jumping over shuttlecock tubes.

Both of us coming form colder countries these running session makes it a lot harder on us, and after the jogging part we already feel this tropical weather. When it comes to the sprinting part its over 200m in a steep hill, so these 7 normal forward sprint and the last 3 backwards are maybe for both of us due to the conditions one of the most demanding thing we ever had to do.

Each of us having some problem on the way either feeling sick to the point of vomiting or seeing black spot during the sprints, so when it come to the jumping agility at the end we each of us have to seek really deep to even finish the exercise which are asked to be done.

Then we headed up to Michael’s Academy hall where we still feeling the fatigue from the tournament and the traveling from Vietnam, so the training only lasted over an hour and a half. Finally on Sunday we had a well deserved rest, where the whole day we stood at home relaxing only going out to eat.

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Oct 30, 2015
nice NEW
by: paper preneurs

Good job guys! Please make sure to take a good rest in order to win a lot of games in future! Good luck!

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