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Lin Dan: Bad Boy of Badminton

" No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe" said Harry Gray. Lin Dan is a man that speaks his mind. Therefore, he rarely ever plays it safe.

He is known as much for his personality as he is for his outstanding talent as a badminton player. He is known by many as the bad boy of badminton. However, he has accomplished a lot in his badminton career. He is the best player on the best badminton team in the world.

Lin Dan is a controversial badminton player. That has a flamboyant personality. He likes to take his shoes off and throw them into crowd. He did this after he won a gold medal in the men's singles at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. Likewise, he gave away his racket to a fan after a match too. Some fans and players dislike these reactions to victories and they think he is arrogant.

But, he was just being himself with his fun loving personality. He also had a few incidences where he has been irate and thrown temper tantrums. For example, he threw a temper tantrum at a training session in April. He did say however, that the South Korean's former Chinese coach was verbally attacking him and yelling at him offenses during the match. But, he still apologized for his behavior at the training session.

Lin Dan is not the first athlete to be known for flamboyant behavior. Lin Dan definitely has a healthy love of himself such as when he wore a t-shirt with his picture on it when he was training. There have been numerous other athletes that have big egos and are showboats such as Terrell Owens, Deion Sanders, and Roy Jones.

Former professional football player and professional baseball player Deion Sanders loved to be the center of attention throughout his playing career. He had a high stepping strut that he did on the way to the end zone for a touchdown. Besides, he was known for talking about himself in the third person too.

Terrell Owens is another professional athlete that is very flamboyant. Football player Terrell Owens once even said that "I love me some me". He went out of his way to personalize his touchdown dances. For example, one time after a touchdown he took a pen out of his sock and signed a football then gave it to a fan.

Likewise, Roy Jones is a professional boxer has a flamboyant style. He has at some of his boxing matches had dancers accompany him to the ring whiles he rapped a rap song for his entrance music for his boxing match. He was just as flamboyant in the ring. He loved to do the Ali shuttle during his boxing matches. One particular time he puts his hands completely behind his back then quickly threw a right hook and knocked his opponent out.

Regardless of Lin Dan's love for attention he is a great badminton player and usually wins his matches. He is one of the best badminton players in the world. Lin Dan is currently the number two ranked player in the world. But, he was ranked number one in the world several times throughout his career.

Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei who is the number one ranked player in the world evens considered Lin Dan better than him. Although he is ranked higher. Lin Dan's flamboyant personality will never overshadow his career since he keeps winning on the court. Regardless of someone's personality all that matters in the end is the result and in his career it has always been winning.

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