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Lin In Hot Water Again

China's world number one Lin Dan is starting to build a reputation as a hot-headed player.

He became entangled in yet another controversy recently as he continues his preparations for the Beijing Olympics, with Chinese state press reporting that he hit his coach.

According to a number of reports, Lin hit his coach, Ji Xinpeng, after losing his temper ?during a training match. The incident prompted calls for Lin to be punished.

However, the reports were denied by a top sports official who said the 24-year-old Lin was only involved in a verbal confrontation.

Lin is the nation's top hope for men's badminton gold at the Beijing Games.

After the spat, Lin "was criticised for arguing with his coaches" and he also admitted acting inappropriately, the official China Sports Daily quoted Li Weiguo, head of China's national badminton team, as saying.

Other reports, including the China Daily, said Lin was observed by journalists hitting Ji, Other players and coaches reportedly jumped in and stopped Lin, the 2007 world champion, from throwing more punches.

Lin, who won the world championship in Madrid in 2006 and Kuala Lumpur in 2007, reportedly punched coach Ji Xinpeng during an inter-team practice match.

Lin, however, denied he ever got violent and threatened to take legal action.

He was quoted as saying: "I found out that the media published some news regarding the argument with my coach, but this is not true. I do not know where this news came from or where the media got the information from. I feel very angry and I don't understand what has happened.

"I reserve my right to take legal action against the media. We have been doing a lot of training ahead of the Olympics. We have had a lot of inter-squad games and this is a very critical time. I don't want the media to affect the relationship between me and my coach."

The alleged incident spread like wildfire on the Internet, with one fan saying the popular star's behaviour was becoming "intolerable".

The China Daily quoted one fan as saying: "The coaching team and chief officials have spoiled Lin. He should have been kicked out of the team earlier."

"What they care about is whether Lin will win gold ... if we send this kind of person to compete on the international stage, it's a shame for China's badminton."

Lin is never far from the spotlight when it comes to heated exchanges. He has had many confrontations with Olympic champions Taufik Hidayat, of Indonesia.

More recently, he was involved in an incident with South Korea's Chinese head coach Li Mao in the Korean Open early this year.

Lin went after Li following a questionable line call and appeared poised to strike the former Chinese coach with his racket before trainers and teammates again intervened.

Lin was not punished for the Korean Open incident.

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