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Malaysia Seeks Lift from Sports Science

Malaysia wants to make better use of sports science to raise the standard of badminton among its elite players, according to a report in the local media.

The Star newspaper reported that top coaches, including Yap Kim Hock and Rexy Mainaky, took part in a symposium in Bukit Jalil to discuss how to maximise the use of sports science in achieving sporting excellence.

The three-hour meeting was organised by the National Sports Insitute, led by Dr Ramlan Aziz, and also in attendance was Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) president Nadzmi Mohd Salleh.

The two organisations are joining forces to help the BAM fulfill its training programme to prepare national players for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Nadzmi, who is also chairman of the BAM's coaching and training committee, is looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

"It is good to know what the NSI have to offer and how we can make the best use of their services. We want to take this to another level," Nadzmi was quoted as saying in the paper.

"The more important thing now is for us to find a working formula on how best the coaches can communicate this to their players and work together with the NSI team."

During the symposium, the BAM coaches were able to see for themselves how their players performed at the Olympic Games in Beijing based on data collected by the NSI staff.

They were able to analyse the results and see how they can enhance training for the future.

Added Nadzmi: "These knowledge of the players, taken scientifically, will be handy for our coaches. I have always stressed on the importance of sports science. Little knowledge is dangerous and we hope that our coaches will be more savvy on these matters."

"Badminton is the number one sport in the country. It should have its own training centre with its own world-class players, coaches, facilities and sports science officers, handling every aspect of the players -¡ª physical, mental, nutrition, physiology etc. This is my vision," he said.

"With better implementation of this approach, we will not have coaches or players giving lame excuses for defeats. Instead, we will have coaches giving good and scientific explanations on their players' wins or defeats."

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