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Match of the Century : World Championship 97' Sun Jun Vs Peter Rasmussen (2)

by Andrew

Sweat dripping all around the court, air pumping into the lungs, gulping down big gulps of water, crowd biting their nails. It's already an hour and fifteen minutes and it's just in the middle of the second set. The most extraordinary thing, is they are able to maintain the superb fast pace through out the the whole match.

Sun Jun has to worked extremely hard for every point where he was pushing Peter all four corners of the court and the fit Peter was not going to give up that easily, just fighting all the way through even though with Sun Jun's superb jumping smash and luck at the net which gave the tired Sun Jun a 13-8 lead! But the match was far from over where in the last few minutes of this part, with Peter's high fighting spirit at one point he has to play the whole rally with broken strings!

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