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Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms: Pure Chemistry

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" said Michael Jordan. Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms have played together for a long time.

Their teamwork and intelligence has allowed them to win a lot together. They had a good chemistry on the badminton court. It's been a pleasure for English badminton fans to watch them play over the years. It will be sad to see them part ways.

This is happening since Gail Emms is retired from badminton the game that she loves. However, now Nathan Robertson will be teamed with Jenny Wallwork another outstanding badminton player.

Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms have had many accomplishments as a mixed doubles team. They won gold at the 2004 England Championships in Geneva and they won the last two mixed doubles at the English National badminton championship.

In addition, they won the gold medal at the 2006 IBF World Championships in 2006. Their most impressive accomplishments together was when they beat Jonas Rasmussen and Rikke Olsen of Denmark 15-6, 15-12 to advance to the finals. However, they lost in the finals. But, they did finish the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens with a silver medal.

Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms have a plenty of chemistry on the badminton court. One of the reasons for this is because they have some things in common and similar goals. They both began playing badminton at a young age at ten years old. They also were playing at the same junior tournaments at 13 years old. Then, at 15 years of age they started playing together.

They both have want to win. Nathan Robertson loves winning and hates losing so much that after loses he usually brakes his badminton racquet. He has supposedly broken over 20 or 30 racquets. Gail Emms loves winning to, she shed tears after she lost to South Korean pair of Lee Hyo Jung and Lee Yong Dee in the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Likewise, they are both legends of badminton in England. They have both helped raise the popularity of badminton in England.

Gail Emms retired from badminton after the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Nathan Robertson will now be teamed with the young and talented badminton player Jenny Wallwork. Nathan Robertson's former teammate Gail Emms is helping Jenny Wallwork handle the pressure of playing with the legend Nathan Robertson.

Gail Emms is mentoring the 22 years old Jenny Wallwork and she realizes it will not be easy for her to build chemistry with Nathan Robertson. However, she does believe that Jenny Wallwork will succeed with Robertson. Besides, Nathan Robertson is excited to be teamed with Jenny Wallwork. Jenny Wallwork already has the one common trait with Nathan Robertson because she is very determined. She doesn't let any obstacles keep her from obtaining her goals.

Gail Emms has retired and she is a legend of badminton for England. She is considered one of the greatest badminton players ever. She will surely be missed. Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms played together for seven years and they are both now considered legends of badminton. But, neither one of them are done with badminton.

Gail Emms wants to mentor young badminton players and help them improve their game. And Nathan Robertson is going to keep playing badminton and continue to win tournaments and accomplish more. His next goal is to win a gold medal at Summer Olympics in London in mixed doubles with Jenny Wallwork.

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