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Not certain on Bao's Surgery

China badminton team head coach Li Yong Bo indicates that they need to collect more opinions before they make a final decision on Bao Chun Lai surgery. And the decision only can be confirm by the end of this week. Bao said whether to go for surgery or not also not a problem for him.

After training that day, Li Yong Bo says: "We haven't decided on Bao's surgery. We'll communicate with him, and ask for more expert consultation. After that I'll discuss with the coaching team. Going for surgery is a better choice for him, but we don't have a 100% success rate also. There's National Athletic Games this year, elite athletes are important for the country, so we have to be more careful.

Bao Chun Lai's injury is an old injury on the knee cap. Li Yong Bo said Bao is tall, and he is more sensitive to pain.

"If the pain doesn't affect training, Bao doesn't have to go for this surgery. But if it affects a lot on training then I suggest eliminating this pain." said Li Yong Bo.

Bao did a NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) when he played in the German Open, doctor in Germany suggest him to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Bao says: "I can't decide, and have to ask for more opinions from the team. If I really have to then I think I should take it earlier. Cause this injury has been annoying me for many years."

The training for Bao is more focus on power now. The training is for the stability and power of his knee muscle.

The chance for Bao to participate in the World Tournament is small, due to his injury. His lost in All England and Swiss Super Series cost his chance to reach the World Tournament qualification as points accumulation is not enough. But he is now more concern on how to overcome his injury.

How long to wait until Bao's fully recovery, if he's going for surgery? Li Yong Bo: "The medical treatment in Germany is advance, so he could be fully recovered in maximum 2 or 3 months."


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