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So who is Ong Ewe Hock? If you have been a badminton fanatic since 1994 then you would surely know him. How could you not recognize him...I mean he is quite good looking...ain't he? :)

I still can remember watching him play live on T.V. Enjoyed it very much! His determination and fighting spirit in every game is an inspiration to all...I never thought i would have been able to meet him in person but now here i am having an exclusive interview with him.

Well...I hope you will enjoy this as much as i do. If you are not too sure who he is or are just too young to have watched him play, here is his profile.

Name : Ong Ewe Hock
Date of Birth : 14 March 1972
Birth Place : Penang, Malaysia
Highest IBF Ranking Achieved : World No. 2
Youth Achievements : - National under-18 doubles 1988 Champion

- National Under-18 single and doubles 1989 Champion

- National schools under-20 singles title

International Achievements : - 1994 Thomas Cup Team Runner-up

- 1996 Malaysia Open Singles Champion

- 1996 German Open Singles Runner-up

- 1996 Danish Open Singles Runner-up

- 1998 All England Singles Runner-up

- 1998 Thomas Cup Team Runner-up

- 1998 Commonwealth Game Team Gold (Captain)

- 2001 Sea Games Team Gold (Captain)

- 2001 Malaysia Open Singles Champion

- 2002 Thomas Cup Team Runner-up

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