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Ong Ewe Hock Interview Part 4

This is the Exclusive Ong Ewe Hock Interview part 4, former World No. 2, brought to you by Badminton Information.
Who were your coaches during your international days?

I have been fortunate and in that I was coached by numerous well-known coaches during my career. I think there were 6- 7 of them. There was Han Jian, Yang Yang, Misbun Sidek, Indra Gunawan and Morten Frost.

Can you spell out the difference in coaching styles from China, Malaysia, Denmark and Indonesia? What are their Strengths and Weaknesses?

On China coaches, they focus more on physical and fitness training. I remember I had to lift weights up to 120kg but my weight was almost half of that !! By the time competitions came, I was sometimes drained physically.

Malaysia coaches tend to follow more on China styles because a lot of the current coaches are previously trained by China ones.

Denmark coaches spend more time with you on the badminton court. As Europeans are more independent, they approach training with a different perspective.

Indonesian coaches are more all-rounded. They train you physically as well as mentally. Of all the coaches, I enjoyed Indra's methods the most. It allowed for us to peak during the right time leading up to the tournaments.

How do you regard the local coaching scene?

I think generally it is quite ok but there is always room for improvement and everyone involved must be more committed.

What could be improved on?

I would say that the commitment, preparation and particularly the organization of those involved in coaching must improve. Organization is the most important because it contains the setting of strategic directions and visions to further improve the local coaching scene.

Do good players make good coaches?

Not necessarily. It depends if they have the heart and passion to teach as well as the methods used.

You are not coaching at the moment, will you consider?

I have just retired from playing International Badminton not long ago. At the moment I am thinking only of having a good rest and spending some time with my family. However, I find that the internet is an effective option for me to pass down my knowledge in Badminton. I am working something on this and it will be revealed in the near future.

What are the basic requirements to playing good badminton ?

First would be the interest in the sports, the want to learn and improve and how to go about improving. Action speaks louder than words.

If you were to coach a player from day 1, what would you start off with?

I will start him off with the badminton basics. If it's his first time playing badminton, I will teach him the correct Grips. It all depends on which level the players are currently at. I will observe them to know how much they understand badminton and how good they are currently, and then I will organize a personalized coaching programme accordingly.

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