Unique online badminton coaching offer

Do you get back home after a really hard badminton match with the game still playing in your mind? Wish there was somebody to share your thoughts with? Somebody with the experience and knowledge to tell you what you did well, what was okay, what needs improving, what was good (or bad) about your match strategy?

By the time you see your coach - if you have a coach - the game, the tactics and the plays are no longer in your mind. Well, you can't have a badminton coach physically with you 24x7.

Until now.

Badminton Information, led by our head coach Andrew Chang, is delighted to be able to offer a
unique online badminton coaching service.


I've known Andrew for a few years now and I've seen him coach at various academies.

He has trained at the highest level and played with players all around the world. His Training methods bring out the best in you and he explains thoroughly the objective of each drill. His Coaching has an immediate impact on your game.

The way he manages his players is very disciplined - very much like our national squad coaching.

Andrew will definitely help to improve younger generations of badminton players.

Best of all he does it with the a real passion for the sport.

           Chan Kwong Beng Malaysia National Squad
Chan Kwong Beng
2007 South East Asia (SEA) team event bronze medallist

Meet the Coach

Who is this Andrew Chang anyway?

If you saw him play, you'd understand what a special player he is.

He trained for nearly ten years with the legendary Sidek brothers, Misbun and Rahman, under the supervison of the Badminton Association of Malaysia. Health problems and injuries stopped him from making the national team.

He's one of Malaysia's top coaches and is currently part of the coaching set up for the Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) state.

Oh yeah - he's still a great player.

Without the tournament commitments, Andrew could watch the players and listen to the coaches and formulate his thinking on how to play winning badminton.

He's captured these ideas in his ebook "Sure Fire Badminton Drills".

The training methods are used by all the top players. Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Jens Eriksen and Martin Lundgaard Hansen use the same techniques described in Andrew's ebook.

Ever heard of these great badminton players? Eddie Chong, Misbun Sidek, Cheah Soon Kit, Ong Ewe Hock, Rashid Sidek and more recently Lee Chong Wei, Wong Mew Chew, Wong Choon Han, Hafiz Hashim, Koo Kien Keat and ... I could go on! They are all from Malaysia.

Malaysia's remarkable success at the top of world badminton can be put down to the popularity of the sport, the large player base, the competitive environment, and the determination and dedication of the players. And the quality of the coaching.

With his vast coaching experience Andrew's seen everything about badminton there is to see, the good, the bad and the ugly.

He knows how to build on a player's strengths, eliminate their weaknesses and turn them into match winners.

Andrew, as Badminton Information's head coach believes players anywhere in the world can benefit from his experience and deep knowledge of the game.
Andrew Smash
Andrew Chang in action

Our online services give you access to all his skill as a coach.

Email Badminton Information your questions, tell us about your on court problems, send in clips of your play and we will give you advice on how to improve your game, based on tried and tested techniques.

The other members of the coaching team have typically been members of Malaysia's national team squad - and
all of them top coaches.

With our online coaching services you can have this powerful and successful team on your side, providing the guidance and advice to take your badminton to a level you thought you would never achieve.

Andrew taught me what the game's all about.
We have played together in tournaments and friendly matches - and Andrew's advice and help has been invaluable.

Any player will benefit greatly from Andrew's coaching, just as I have.
Angela Toh
Angela Toh
Selangor State Player

What will coaching do for you

So what should you expect to get out of our coaching? Well, that all depends on you - your current standard, your fitness, and, perhaps most important of all, your goals as a badminton player.
If you're a beginner, who's keen to improve, coaching can do wonders for your game. Mastering the basics, gaining court craft and sense, you should be able to improve rapidly, leaving other non-coached beginners behind.

With discipline and application you should be aiming to
get rid of that "beginner" tag and establish yourself as an intermediate.

As a beginner, you have some advantages.

Firstly, you shouldn't have fallen into any bad badminton habits yet (if you have, you'll need remedial coaching to sort things out!).

Secondly, you should be fresh and keen to learn. Now's the time to ask questions - go on, it doesn't matter how basic or plain daft something may seem, ask the coach the question, that's what we're here for.

If you're an intermediate, with the right attitude and coaching,
you can develop into a formidable match player. Our coaching can help you to improve your footwork, your speed around court, the range of shots you have at your disposal, your anticipation.
Andrew is an established badminton coach with a wide range of training programmes and experience.

He's also very creative on court, and can adapt his methods and programmes to get the best out of a student.

When I'm playing in tournaments or coaching I'll seek Andrew's help.

I've seen other coaches asking him for advice on coaching.
All in all, i would advise any badminton player of any level you can learn a lot from Andrew. Lee Yeet Siang
Lee Yeet Siang
Selangor State
There's the mental side of things, too. As your skills improve, a coach can help you develop the right mindset to use your shots to best advantage, cope with the pressure of playing talented opponents, and have the speed of thought and flexibility to modify your tactics as circumstances demand. Fast feet and a good range of shots need a fast, nimble mind along with a steely resolve to make sure you come out on top in tight games.

A good coach, especially one that's played competitively at the highest levels, can turn you into a match winner.

For an advanced player, things are more complex. If you've reached this stage, you're probably fit and fast round court, have the full range of shots, and good court sense.

Improvements in your play are harder to achieve - you may well not have any real weaknesses.

Finding that extra 1% to win county or state championships, or move you up to national level, is tough. You're unlikely to find it on your own. You may want help on one or two specific areas you need to improve.

Andrew has a wealth of badminton knowledge and uses it to help his students.

I found him tough - he made me work hard, but managed to make it fun and always had a words of encouragement. He understands the importance of motivation.

Andrew's a very supportive coach. He helped me through a rough patch - I was ready to give the sport up. But with his help and support, I continued playing, and his coaching really raised the standard of my game.
Andrew has a terrific attitude - he love the sport of badminton and helping others achieve their potential. Darma Sucipto
Darma Sucipto
KL State player
Or you might need a detailed analysis of your play, followed up by recommendations on what to work on, and video clips demonstrating a technical point. Or how you should have played a rally. If this is you, then Badminton Information can provide the support you need.

The Badminton Information team have the coaching skills and match-playing experience to analyze your play and how your opponent is playing and formulate the right, match-winning strategy.

So whatever level you're at, whatever your goals, our coaching services can help you.

So how does it work?

First of all you need to choose which level of service is right for you. We provide three levels

- basic,
- premium,
- platinum.

The Basic Service gives online support by email. You can email us any question, describe any problem you're having with your game, and we'll reply within 48 hours with a comprehensive answer or describe what you need to do to fix the problem and the drills and training exercises that will help.
I've known Andrew for a long time and have played badminton with him on numerous occasions.

I'm currently working as a part-time coach with him. He's been a massive help in terms of discipline, managing students, applying the right training programme.

He's an excellent coach, 100% committed to his students, and can help any player at any level to become a better badminton player.
  Eric Lim
Eric Lim
Selangor State Player

The Premium Service gives you everything that's included in the Basic Service, plus:

  • 1 hour of live chat per month
  • Send us your clips - mpegs, flash, youtube. Andrew and his team will analyse the footage of your play and based on what they see, give advice on how you can improve as a player

    The Platinum Service provides email support and:

  • 3 hours live chate per month
  • The same facility as the Premium Service to submit your clips
  • Andrew and his team will create a training video tailored to your own style and qualities as a badminton player and to demonstrate a particular shot or strategy

  • The coaching we offer is of the very highest standard. Just think,
    one-on-one advice from somebody who has trained with the very best.

    Using the internet, email and digital technology we can offer a unique, personal service to help you become a better badminton player.

    To obtain advice and guidance of the quality Andrew and his team can provide you would first have to find a suitable coach, which can be easier said than done. It all depends on where you live.

    Then you would need at least an hour a week of one-on-onecoaching, costing $30 to $40 per hour. Which works out at somewhere between $120 to $160 per month.

    If you're determined to become a top player, you'll be spending a lot more on a personal badminton coach.

    Well, which service is for you? That all depends on what your badminton goals are and your current badminton abilities. But if you find you've signed up for the basic service and you really need video coaching, you can upgrade to premium or platinum membership at any time.
    I've had many coaches over the past few years. Andrew is unique - the routines and shuttle drills he uses are unlike any other coaches.
    I've been training with Andrew for several months. His methods can improve one's game in a single session.

    Andrew's coaching builds on a person's talents - he doesn't force a fixed style of playing on to his trainees. He developes each person's strong points.
    Joanne Lim

    Joanne Lim
    Selangor, Malaysia

    Sign up for our coaching services and you'll receive a
    free bonus gift worth $49.99

    30 articles on how to improve your badminton
    This 64-page compilation is just brimming with useful advice:
  • Strokes - overhead strokes such as lob, drop shot, smash, fast drop shot and shooting lob; the drive side arm stroke; and net play such as the net shot, tap and lift
  • Serves - high, low, drive, backhand and flick
  • What 5 other sports will help you improve your badminton skills
  • What 5 outdoor sports will help you improve your badminton skills
  • Why a half-court singles game will help you
  • How to be as deceptive as China's Zhao Jian Hua
  • How to analyze your opponent
  • Tactics and training methods for the new 21-point system

  • What next?
    If you're serious about becoming a better badminton player, join Badminton Information and get top-flight, one-on-one coaching, anytime, anywhere you feel you need it.
    Special introductory offer
    With the launch of these unique services, Badminton Information is pleased to announce special introductory prices. The first one hundred players to signup with us will be able to do so at the special, low prices in the table below.

    Basic Service

    $37.00 now $19.95 per month
    Online email support on any aspect of badminton.
    Premium Service

    $67.00 now $39.95 per month
    Online email support on any aspectof badminton.

    One hour of live chat per month

    Submit your videos for analysis and comment by our coaching team
    Platinum Service

    $197.00 now $97.00 per month
    Online email support on any aspect of badminton

    Three hours of live chat per month

    Submit your videos for analysis and comment by our coaching team

    Personalised coaching videos created by our team along with analysis and comment sent to your email address

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    Chau Yap,

    CEO, www.badminton-information.com

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