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Padukone's Film-Star Daughter Keen on Badminton Movie

There have been many sports-related films over the years. Hollywood has produced dozens of movies about baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey.

There has even been many films about football. Rarely, if ever, though, has anyone made a move about badminton.

That might be about to change if India's film industry Bollywood has anything to do with it. And there is no one better qualified than the daughter of India's most famous badminton player to make such a film?

Prakash Padukone is a badminton institution in India. He is a former world number one and All England champion and is now running badminton academies in India.

His daughter, Deepika Padukone, is already an established Bollywood star and something of a heartthrob in the industry.

She is a big fan of sports film, including a recent Bollywood production on field hockey entitled "Chak De India".

She was quoted as saying in the Indian media: "Look at what Chak De India did to hockey. I would love to do a really good film on the game of badminton. In fact, efforts are on to put a project like this together.

"I would like to contribute as much as possible to sports. Yes, I'd support badminton more than any other sport. But I'd like to support Indian sports in every way possible."

Deepika recently gave the Indian paparazzi something they have been seeking for a long time, and that is a picture of her playing badminton with Prakash. She admitted it was a rare occasion when they two get together for a game.

"We were playing together after a long time and it was the first time in front of the media," she said.

She did not say if the movie would be about her father Prakash, nor if the former player himself would have a role in the production.

Prakash, however, is these days doing his best to groom young players to carry the Indian flag in international events.

His Bangalore academy has produced a number of good players and it has also gained a reputation overseas with many players from Europe and Asia taking advantage of the facilities and coaching to improve their game.

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