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Peter Rasmussen's Essentials of Badminton Technique Video Review

Badminton is a fantastic fast-paced game of power and agility. Have you ever wondered:

  • How to be more deceptive in your shots and keep your opponent guessing?
  • What if you could cover the court like you were a speed sprinter?
  • How to make killer shots without wasting too much precious energy?
  • Why some people can win almost all the time, while others can only do it some of the time?
  • How to play badminton like a pro?
When we talk about professional athletes, we admire their talent and athletic ability. So what makes the difference between a beginner, average player, and a professional badminton player?

What it all really boils down to are the true ingredients in what makes a great badminton player.

It is not just the talent that makes a pro athlete what they are - it is about the correct technique, strategy, and determination that equal great results.

Former Danish World Champion, Peter Rasmussen has recently released a fantastic new video that includes 2 hours worth of in-depth instructional content explaining the most essential badminton skills that you need to know to become a better badminton player.

The course is rather comprehensive and explained by Peter Rasmussen himself, complete with demonstrations for better learning and visualization. The techniques are grouped into 5 different areas, which are then broken down into 27 different skills.

The 5 different areas are serve and grip, front court skills, back court skills, and footwork.

Believe it or not, serve and grip is one of the easiest things to master, yet many people do not do it correctly. There are a couple of grips that people tend to use, however pros like Peter Rasmussen prefer using the 'finger power' grip as it actually wields more power without having to put in the extra energy and force.

The short, long, and flick forehand serves as well as the short and flick backhand serves are also covered.

Next, the 9 front court skills are covered. They are the net shot, neutral net shot, net kill, net lob, defensive lift, smash return, drives, and the ever elusive cross court net shot.

If you would like to see a small sample video of the cross court net shot in example so you can see the great value of these tutorials you can click right here

12 back court skills are also explained by Peter. These include easier shots such as the forehand clear, and the defensive forehand slice.

Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of the most difficult front court and back court shots? Peter freely gives the information away about how to create the perfect jump smash, backhand drop, and backhand smash with a fantastic video explanation which is sure to make your smash or drop just pop.

To watch the The Jump Smash video explanations given by Peter you can visit this here

Amazingly enough, it seems rather easy to hit deceptive shots without having to be a master trick shot artist. In my experience after watching this video and picking out a few shots that I would love to master, I was able to beat my friend who I have never ever been able to beat before.

Upon asking my friend what he thought of my win (without bragging, of course), he congratulated me and asked me how I had managed to be so cunning. These deceptive tactics will keep your opponents guessing.

In terms of footwork, both the front court and back court footwork movements are covered. Although it may sound like the footwork should be roughly the same at the front and the back of the court, there are some slight differences. The pre-load jump is also thoroughly explained.

What I found rather interesting was unlike most people who do a pre-load jump by subconsciously leading or landing on their dominant foot, you are actually supposed to do a pre-load jump by landing at the same time on both feet. This is great to know because perfecting this slight difference is the real difference between getting quickly to the shot and not getting there at all.

Exclusive bonus videos are also included as part of the course for those who want more insider knowledge about professional badminton. These bonus videos are interviews with Peter Rasmussen's former coaches, Lian Ying Zhang and Steen Pedersen.

Lian Ying Zhang has worked with many of the top Danish national players, including Peter when he was a junior. Steen Pedersen was the Danish National Coach and was Peter Rasmussen's coach when he won the epic match against Sun Jun in the 1997 World Championship final.

Getting instructions from a real professional badminton player or a coach is absolutely priceless. As a result, the videos are fantastic value at less than $40 for the online and DVD version. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you are skeptical about buying things online or are unsure whether it is worth it or not.

If you would love to become a better badminton player, this is the video instruction course for you. What else would be better to learn badminton from one of the world's best professional badminton player that the world has ever seen?

I highly recommend the course, Essentials of Badminton Technique by Peter Rasmussen and give it 4 out of 5 stars. Trust me - from my personal experience, after watching this video and practicing the techniques with Peter Rasmussen's instructions, you will definitely bring your game to a whole new level the next time you step out onto the court.

If you want to know details about Peter Rasmussen's video tutorials which are loaded with useful badminton information and are a must for every badminton player, then you can find more information here.

Peter Rasmussen - The Essentials of Badminton Technique Video

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