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Peter Gade: A Living Legend

"Some people hear their inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy or they become legend" said Jim Harrison. Peter Gade through his long outstanding career has become a legend.

He has a unique style of play that includes constant pressure, deceptive shots, fast attacks and smooth footwork. He has become a well respected player in badminton. He is equally adored by his fellow athletes as well as the fans. His love of the game is one of the things that gives him motivation to keep achieving his many goals. Likewise, Peter Gade the living legend is not showing any signs of slowing down

Peter Gade's career has been long and successful. One word to describe his career would be longevity. He began his career in 1994. His career has spanned 14 years. He had one of the longest careers in badminton. He turned 32 years old in December and he is not showing any signs of slowing down.

For example, he beat the number one player in the world Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia on January 18, 2009 at the Korea Open in three games. In addition, he has been ranked as one of the top ten best players in the world throughout his lengthy career.

Peter Gade has been a fan favorite throughout his career. He has always displayed his love for the game of badminton. He continually promotes the sport of badminton. In addition, he has been involved with programs to develop the sport with young people. That is why he is popular because he is not a selfish athlete who only focused on individual accomplishments he truly does have a real love for the game of badminton.

Equally important, many people consider him to be the most popular badminton player in the world. He is as well beloved in his home country of Denmark. His popularity includes getting a lot of love and respect in Asian countries such as Malaysia, China and Indonesia. They as well like his belief in always playing badminton fair and he is known for that belief by the players he competes against too.

He has many intangibles such as a strong work ethic, determination and professionalism. However, Peter Gade had his struggles in badminton despite his accomplishments. He never lets his disappointments keep him toward obtaining his goals. He had knee injuries in the past. He suffered a knee injury at the 2001 World Championships.

Then he tried to comeback and injured his knee again at the World Grand Prix Finals held in Brunei. This lead him getting surgery again. This did not break his spirits. He went through rehabilitation for a year then continued his career. The only accomplishments that his outstanding career is missing is a gold in the Olympics and World championships.

He has played in the Summer Olympics in 2000, 2004 and 2008. However, he did come up short in each of the Olympics and he went home without a gold medal each time. But, the intangibles and talents that Peter Gade has will eventually lead him to a gold medal.

Peter Gade's career has been nothing short of outstanding. Yet, even at the age of 32 years old he still has the hunger to win more championships and tournaments. He stills wants to add more achievements to his impressive career and onto his never ending lists of accomplishments. Peter Game who has been called the face of badminton is not going anywhere and he will continue to make his presence felt in badminton.

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