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The Pro Badminton Set is a great set that generally gets high reviews from the people who have purchased and are using the set.

Many people will be compelled toward this brand name simply because of the word Pro in the title. Even though this brand name is meant to give no indication that all professional badminton players may or may not use it, we all like to see this word in the heading of our equipment. The key is to not get entrapped in marketing when finding and purchasing a badminton set or racket.

It is important to say that the Pro Badminton Set is a very good set to own depending on your preference in rackets and nets. They offer both indoor and outdoor sets, the outdoor badminton sets come with weighted shuttlecocks which is not suggested if you are using them to practice for competition as all badminton tournaments are held indoors.

However if you are a weekend player wanting to enjoy the summer weather you should enjoy the outdoor sets. The only difference in the outdoor and indoor sets is the weighted shuttlecocks. Out door shuttlecocks are often called cork headed shuttlecocks, because the cork material makes them heavier and more wind resistant.

Most of the Pro Badminton Sets come with 4 top quality alloy headed rackets, three cork tipped outdoor shuttlecocks, all-weather nets and guy ropes, steel net posts and a durable carrying case or canvas bag to protect and keep your equipment organized and in great condition.

These are all the essentials that you will need to get started on a good game of badminton. The Pro Badminton set comes with a fairly reasonable price for the amount of equipment you will get in your set. These and similar Pro Sets are generally priced around $125.00 (USD) however you can find them both more and less expensive if you search around.

Before purchasing your Pro Badminton Set or any other set you first need to asses your needs as a badminton player. Are you a serious and competitive player aiming for professional status or are you a weekend badminton player?

Other considerations will be to know what type of racket and net you are looking for. Playing your badminton games or practicing out of doors will make this badminton set a good choice for you because of the weighted shuttlecocks, however if your main game will be played indoors you should stick with the feather weighted shuttlecocks to keep your play consistent.

Another great idea before making the final decision to purchase a specific racket is to test out the racket before you purchase one. You can find a fellow player and use theirs for a game or you can ask a shop to test the swing before making your purchase. Most stores will not allow you to take the rackets out of the store but should not mind you swinging it around a bit to get a good feel for the differences in the various rackets.

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