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In a sport like badminton, which is played throughout the world, naturally there are many manufacturers of badminton rackets, shuttles, badminton bags and other accessories. They are of course from the different countries of the world.

One such leading manufacturer is Pro Kennex of California, USA. It is a division of TSR Sports Technologies. Pro kennex badminton manufactures different kinds of badminton rackets and other accessories for years now. Pro kennex badminton have made a name for themselves for their international quality products, competitive pricing and introduction of new technologies in improving their product value for money.

Although they manufacture playing equipment and sports accessories for tennis, squash, racquetball and related sports, we will discuss their contribution to the world of badminton alone here.

Pro Kennex badminton manufactures badminton rackets for everyone in the game, starting from beginners to international top ranked professionals. They've literally got a model for everyone to choose from, which differs in specifications depending upon your level of proficiency and playing intensity.

Some of the badminton racket models they manufacture are Dynamic 800 (graphite), Concave 700 (graphite), Triflex 6666 (graphite), Isodynamic 400 (graphite), Isodynamic 300 (aluminium head, steel shaft) and Titanium pro 727 (graphite).

Pro kennex badminton incorporates the latest technologies (for example Nano autocure technology) in their products to enable powerful shot-making, improved accuracy, excellent handgrip and reduced discomfort index to the player's wrist, elbow and shoulders.

Pro kennex badminton consider themselves as a science and design company involved in the racquet sports. They say they firmly believe in the creativity and innovation that flow from things which people find worthy to pursuit most passionately. They term it as "not rocket science but rather racket science".

Pro kennex badminton pledge that they will only deliver products that give wonderful performance and worthy design innovation. They say they answer to only people and athletes who want the very best in the business. In other words, they give better and improved products to athletes who want to better and improve their performance in general. In case they find something, which cannot be improved further, they leave others in the market to take it to the customers.

Pro kennex badminton tell us that they intensively study biomechanics and human kinetics when they are in motion, especially players. They want to understand what the player feel and look for when using their sports products. Then they go about incorporating the athletes' need to the product thereby optimizing the performance and comfort level of the athlete with an improved product.

Pro kennex badminton claim that their product innovation and comfort will be unparalleled, protected and patented. They also claim that what they have achieved with their products today will never become obsolete.

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