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Badminton, as a profession, has evolved in all these years into a lucrative one with world-class tournaments conducted in different countries. Professional badminton aims to safeguard the players who depend on it for livelihood and fame.

Professional badminton is otherwise known as Badminton Players Federation. It is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an independent organization with Mr.Bobby Milroy as its president. It is the union of all professional badminton players around the world today. It has over 200 members containing players from 46 countries.

Steen Faldberg, Danish world champion then, founded it in 1972. Prominent people from badminton have then chaired the organization. Professional badminton attempts to bring together the professional badminton players in order to maximize their income and fame from the sport while at the same time try to make badminton more enjoyable to its lovers.

Principles of Professional badminton:

- Being proactive towards the set goals

- Assuming responsibility for the career and livelihood of professional badminton players

- Acting in the best interests of badminton

- Developing badminton as an entertaining sport at all levels

- Supporting on players' behalf in disputes

- Contributing to the careers and lives of badminton players

- Supporting like-minded organizations in achieving the above

Objectives and goals of professional badminton:

- Creating a better professional structure for badminton

- Developing badminton as a sport where more number of players than today can make a livelihood by playing professional badminton

- Creating an exclusive highly rewarding professional badminton tour for top ranked badminton players

- Increasing the popularity and awareness of badminton in all countries of the world

- Increasing the involvement of players in giving opinions and taking decisions within the Badminton World Federation

- Identifying and developing talented professionals throughout the world

- Preserving badminton as a successful Olympic and world sport

- Helping retired players to nudge themselves back into the society successfully

- Inspiring the professional players of today in becoming more involved in the Players Federation

- Trying to double the population of recreational players in the next 10 years

- Increasing the value of badminton to the consumer base internationally

- Projecting badminton as a major player in the sports marketing arena internationally

- Providing opportunity for young talented players for having a successful professional badminton career

Professional badminton contains members from all badminton regions of the world. The membership is valid for one year; renewable year after year provided the membership rules are satisfied.

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