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Rexy Slams 'Arrogant' Koo

Koo Kien Keat was once a hero in Malaysia. It was in early 2007 when he and partner Tan Boon Heong triumphed at the All England men's doubles competition.

They were hailed as the next big thing in men's doubles. However, according to their coach Rexy Mainaky, one half of the duo started to believe his own publicity a little too much.

Mainaky said Koo has an arrogant air about him that threatens to derail his career. The celebrated pair were beaten easily in the quarter-finals of the Olympic competition by Indonesia's eventual gold medallists, Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan.

In presenting his report of the Beijing Games, Mainaky had this to say of Koo, as reported in the Malaysian media.

"I can accept the defeat but not the manner in which they took the defeat," he said. "I think that Kien Keat's biggest problem is his arrogance. I would not mind if this is shown on court but unfortunately, he is also arrogant off-court.

"Yes, Koo is a top player. But all these, successes and praises, will go to past one day. He may think he is still good even though the results showed otherwise,"

Rexy identified one instance of Koo's attitude when he disappeared from sight without informing the coach or the manager soon after their Olympic defeat.

"My job as a coach is not only to make him a good player but also a player with humility and good attitude. When you are humble, others will pray that you will succeed," added Rexy.

"Maybe, I am not the best coach to help him to be a better player. I will let the BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) decide on his future with Boon Heong."

Rexy also insisted that he had nothing personal against Koo. He was simply commenting from a coach's point of view.

He said: "Of course, whatever I say now will be construed wrongly, especially when it is done after the failure at the Beijing Games. But I mean well. I only want the best for my players.

"There is hope if Koo can think and act the same way as he did when he was winning titles after titles in 2007," said Rexy.

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