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Saina Nehwal: The Future of Indian Badminton

"Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy work in the present toward the future" said Denise Waitley. Saina Nehwal is continually winning tournaments and working on the future of her career.

She is a very young, popular and talented badminton athlete. She has become well known in India that has the second largest population in the world. Equally important, she provides hope for the future of badminton in India as well as badminton throughout the world. She is already generating a fan base that will help makes badminton even more popular.

Saina Nehwal is an excellent badminton player. She is only 18 years old. However, she has already accomplished plenty in her badminton career. She won the 2008 World Junior Badminton Championships that are organized by Badminton World Federation (BWF). She also won the 2008 Commonwealth games that were held in India.

In September 2008, she won the Yonex Chinese Luipei Open by beating Lydia Cheah of Malaysia 21-8, 21-19. Equally important, she was named the most promising player in 2008 by the BWF. In addition, she has won countless other tournaments and championships as well.

Saina Nehwal is very popular in India. She is a well known celebrity in her home country India. She became well known in India when she became the first Indian woman to reach the quarter finals at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. A lot of people in India enjoyed the three game thriller in which she upset the world number five Wang Chen of Hong Kong.

Her popularity has helped her become the brand ambassador for Herbalife. Herbalife India is a nutrition and direct selling company that has premier nutrition, energy, and fitness supplements. Additionally, Herbalife sees her as a great example of excellence.

Her popularity has led her to influence other young people to become interested in the sport of badminton. There are many young Indian boys and girls who dream of being the next Saina Nehwal. Her accomplishment of being the first Indian woman to reach the semifinals in the Olympics showed Indians that they can become good Indian badminton players too.

This will be good for badminton because India has a population of 1.3 billion so there are plenty of young athletes there that can be good badminton players and have a great career. In addition, she has India pinning their hopes on her to win a gold medal in the next Olympic games. She is in the national spotlight, and India realizes how much talent and potential she has as an athlete. Her winning a gold is bound to happen eventually.

Saina Nehwal is the best female athlete in badminton under 21 years of age. If she continues to win tournaments and championships then her path to a gold medal will come soon. The hope she provides for young Indian athletes provide her with even more motivation to continue to achieve her goals. Her goal of becoming the first Indian woman to win a gold in the Olympics in badminton is definitely obtainable for her.

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