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Scots Hopes Flounder in Portugal

2008 has been a successful and promising year for Scottish badminton but the Portuguese International event brought some disappointment for the Scottish entrant, Emma Mason.

Lisbon may have been the setting for Scotland's greatest every sporting triumph when Glasgow Celtic won the European Cup in 1967 and the legend of the Lisbon Lions was born but sadly Mason was unable to live up to this triumph but to be fair, no other Scottish sport star has managed to do so yet or is likely to ever do it in the future.

Emma was paired up with Heather Olier of England in the Ladies Doubles event and although there were a grand total of Doubles partnerships in the event, the pair succumbed in the first round. They were perhaps unfortunate enough to come up against a Chinese duo and with that nation's badminton players on absolute fire at the moment but Jiani Cai and Xi Zhang were unseeded going into the tournament but this meant nothing as they triumphed 21-19, 21-17.

The lack of seeding given to the Chinese duo was made even more laughable when the two went on to clinch the Ladies Doubles event and defeated the number one seeds at the semi-finals.

This brought immediate disappointment to Emma Mason but she showed a great level of strength and fortitude in bouncing back and paired up with Welshman Martyn Lewis in the Mixed Doubles event where the pair managed to reach the Quarter final stages. The pair had triumphed against host nation duo Miguel Jardim and Claudio Figueira by a score of 21-11, 21-10 in the first round and followed this up with a nail-biting victory of the Belgian pairing of Jonathan Gillis and Steffi Annys by a margin of 17-21, 21-13, 21-16 which showed the teams ability to bounce back.

Unfortunately the pair was hit by unfortunate circumstances in the quarter final match up when very early on in the match Emma Mason succumbed to injury meaning that the pair had to retire due to her injury. This meant that a walkover victory was handed to Chris Adcock and Gabrielle White, who were second seeds which meant that Mason and Lewis may have been in for a tough time anyway but sadly it will never be known how close the duo may have come to victory.

The early prognosis of Masons injury is that she isn't expected to be out for a long period of time and it can only be hoped that she is able to show a level of bounce-back ability that was shown in the duo's victory over Gillis and Annys. No doubt there was a slight regret that Scotland's current run of good form was unable to be continued by Emma Mason but with much more badminton to be played in 2008 there will be plenty of more opportunities for the Scottish badminton players to add to their triumphs of the year so far.

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