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Scots Veterans on Song in Dublin

It is only natural that most of the focus on badminton is given over to the major players of the day and the ones who represent in the big tournaments.

These are the events that people pay good money to go and watch and it is the one where most newspapers and articles will write about. In addition to the current stars of badminton, there is also interest given to youth development and the under age stars of the sport.

Many people like to try and predict which youngster will go all the way to being a star of tomorrow. So these are the two main age groups that are associated with badminton but what of the older set?

Badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by all and the growing number of 40+ people playing the sport indicates its popularity amongst the older generation. There are also a growing number of players who have retired from playing the game at a serious level but still like to play against people of their own age group. Some of these people were playing in the recent veteran's tournament for players from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Dublin in Ireland was the host city for the Veterans Tournament and Scotland maintained their winning streak in the competition. The Scottish team won the first event in 2006, successfully retained their title last year and this year held off strong competition to complete their hat-trick of victories.

The tournament was available for singles, doubles and mixed doubles players with the categories being split into the following groups. The over 40s, the over 45s, the over 50s, the over 55s and the over 60 age groups provided a strong level of competition for both the players and fans.

The tournament may have been lacking an English entrant to have completed the British host nation feel but with Ireland providing two teams to the tournament, the host nation crowd had plenty of players to get behind. They were to be disappointed though as the Scottish team put in a tremendous performance all weekend.

There was a grand total of 103 points available to the Scottish team and they managed to pick up 92 of them. This level of dominance saw them top the table deservedly and with a 30 point lead over the main Irish team.

In the match-up themselves, the Scottish veterans defeated Ireland 29-8, the Welsh team by a score of 35-2 and the Irish B team by 28-1. Comprehensively winning all three of the ties not only clinched the trophy for the third their year running but ensured that 2008 will be remembered as a great year for the Scottish badminton veterans.

Earlier in the year at Inverclyde, the Scottish veteran badminton team achieved their most impressive result against England so far. The veteran badminton players of Scotland may not be the future of the game but they are certainly capable of showing that there is plenty of life left in them.

The Irish main team came in second with 62 points, the Irish B team came in 3rd with 26 points and the Welsh were last with just the 20 points.

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